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Like Jehovah's Witnesses, they were just on the doorstep of Mars

I will be engaging in free-form conjecture for the duration of this post.

While I understand that the "face" on Mars is likely a trick of optics and the human mind's tendency to matrix, not all of the Cydonian anomalies can be so easily written off.  Let's presume for a moment that these are intelligently designed structures left behind by an alien civilization.  Left behind in what way?  Did aliens land on that fourth planet in our solar system, erect monuments, and then just leave?  Why?  Given the similarities of the pyramidal and sphinx-like shapes on Earth and possibly Mars, did the aliens show up here as well and have our ancient ancestors build tribute monuments?  Then leave?

Could this mean...that the aliens are religious nuts just like we are???

Obviously achieving higher technology and possessing religious fervor are not mutually exclusive but this notion of the alien equivalent of door-to-door Evangelicals is far scarier to me than the abduction/butt probe scenario.  So I'm going to leave this theory for a while.  A long while.

For the sake of my sanity, I'll steer this waxing theoretical into another direction, namely that the aliens who built the artifacts were indigenous to Mars.  There are indications that Mars was green at one point.  It had water and apparently still has flowing water to this day.  There is evidence that there was once microbial life at the very least.  What happened?  Well today, Mars has a very weak magnetic field.  Almost non-existent.  There are several theories as to why this is the case but the result is the same: the atmosphere was by enlarge stripped away.  The majority of the water is now at the frozen near as we can tell.  Did a Martian civilization suffer what author Mac Tonnies called "an ecological 9/11" and leave only their monuments behind?  If so, did any of them survive?  Let's say that they did.  Play along with me here.

Although I disagree with him most times, Richard Hoagland contends that Phobos, one of the two moons of Mars, is in actuality a "15-mile long, extremely old and battered," ancient spacecraft.  Looking at the photos, I have to admit the more than passing resemblance the moon has to "the doomsday machine" on Star Trek.  Yes, Phobos is most oddly shaped, more like a dumbbell or bowling pin than what we customarily think of for a moon.  Hoagland argues that on the surface of Phobos, one can see "right-angle designs" and "deck plating."  "You can almost count the rivits [sic]!" he writes on his site.  The craters are not craters, they are "openings."  He goes on to claim that the hull of this supposed craft is ripped open and that you can see walls and "entire rooms."   I can't see much from the photos.  It just pretty much looks like a rocky surface to me.  But that's no fun, is it?  Is Phobos really a massive spacecraft that was built by aliens to rescue them from the planet-wide disaster below?  "Phobos" was a Greek character whose name means "panic" or "fear."  While I understand that Phobos is a moniker that we humans bestowed on the rock, what more fitting title for an escape craft for mass exodus?
There is a bit of evidence that suggests that Phobos is hollow.  Are there alien life forms living in an arcology beneath the rock?  Perhaps a bit like Arthur C. Clarke's Rendezvous With Rama?  What other signs of that are there?  In keeping with the Clarke theme, former astronaut Buzz Aldrin keeps bringing up the "monolith" on Phobos.  I guess he even took time to talk about it during his stint on Dancing With the Stars.  So is it a monolith of the sort postulated by Clarke?  Doubtful.  Is it a way to get inside the spacecraft into the interior of the arcology?  Maybe.  What about an observation tower?  I guess.  Is it an artifact left on the surface for symbolic purposes?  Seems odd that you would do that if your goal was to build an ark to rescue your civilization from impending doom, unless...wait, an "ark?"

Oh geez!  I'm right back at it!  They're fundies!  Littering the solar system with their artifacts and icons to The Jeebus.  Soon they'll be here, giving us their pamphlets to let us know that The Jeebus loves us very much and that we should come to their church services in order to be saved, flashing gory photos, maybe even holograms, of abortions at us as we drive down the street, protesting the funerals of soldiers, and influencing our government to oppose "crazy" things like same-sex marriage and stem cell research.

I liked it much better when the Martians just wanted to level us with their heat rays.

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