Friday, March 1, 2013

And more robots

This nascent idea I have for a robot novel is really taking over.

That is to say, my eyes are picking out more and more news stories related to the subject of robots.

Meet Roboy, the robotic human child; a "soft-tendon" robot modeled on human beings.

A working head and torso have already been established for Roboy.  Prototype mock-ups give the 'bot a creepy look, what with a Casper the ghost-like face but a transparent skeletal system.  Current thinking is that Roboy will get a coating of soft skin as his creators are hoping that the robot can be mass produced and sold as an assistant to the elderly.

When it comes to aiding the aged however, Roboy is not the only game in town.  A robot designed at Britain's University of Salford is likewise intended for that end.

Called "Carebot" P37 S65, this robot will bring senior citizens their meals and medication, remind them to exercise, report the news through a videolink, and generally just be good company.  Carebot is designed to be of the same height as the average senior citizen, so somewhat on the short side.  This likely will help skirt certain design and material issues.

I am optimistic about these advancements, but part of me calls for caution as well.  Not for any foolish presumptions of a "robot uprising," but out of questioning whether or not these robots will deliver the goods.  Will we finally have human-like machines that live up to all of the capabilities touted by their designers?

Sure would be great if we did.  I would love to say that I lived long enough to see things I read about as a kid translate into physical form.  These robots would be prime examples of such things.  I must, however, temper such hopeful enthusiasm with other real life experience, namely that things don't always pan out.  Then again, maybe I'll finally get my "JonDroid."

Yes, this idea of a book about robots is consuming me, as I am wont to do with most writing concepts in their incipient stages.  I can only hope that passion does not burn out before the work of writing is actually done.

Guess it's a bit like marriage in that regard.

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