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UFO: the Roswell-Wright Field connection

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An edition of Coast to Coast AM last month demonstrates that the multitude of questions surrounding the Roswell UFO crash have not gone anywhere.

Don Schmitt and Thomas Carey of the site Roswell Investigator discussed their research into the case.  I found their take intriguing as they focused not on the actual UFO crash site and the events surrounding it, but on the location of the aftermath: namely, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.  I have blogged about Wright-Pat before in terms of it being the Air Force's headquarters for R&D and how it might relate to a UFO sighted by a family member.  One reason that the base is cemented within UFO lore is that it is said to be one of the end destinations for material...and perhaps bodies...collected from the Roswell crash.

"Whatever was recovered at Roswell, its initial destination was indeed Wright Field," Schmitt says.

Sure.  WPAFB had the facilities, the security, and even the medical staff to examine and evaluate recovered foreign material.  An alien spacecraft (if indeed that's what it was) and its dead occupants (ditto) are about as foreign as you can get.  None of that is up for debate.  So what happened after all the sophisticated baubles and ET cadavers got there?

Schmitt and Carey cite the testimony of one General Arthur Exon who was in the Foreign Technology Division at the base at that time in 1947.  Exon claims that he was involved with laboratory tests and "top level engineers" who agreed that "the materials [found at Roswell] had to come from space."  The investigators also offer the story of actor Gordon MacRae.  You may remember him from the big screen version of Oklahoma! and television shows such as McCloud.  Yeah, I don't either but I thought you might.  Anyway, MacRae was supposedly serving at WPAFB at the time and claimed that he got the duty of guarding the cargo pallets from Roswell.  Despite being ordered not to, MacRae lifted up a protective tarp and saw dead entities with small bodies and large heads. 

All stories of course.  But really, what else is there to go on?  An actual document or record isn't just going to surface unless it's leaked Edward Snowden-style.  The oft mentioned "broken off piece of a UFO" that skeptics and debunkers clamor for is even more difficult...if not altogether impossible...to come by.  What's more, the people originally involved with the Roswell incident are being lost to time.  We recently lost Jesse Marcel Jr, son of Maj. Jesse Marcel who served as an intelligence officer at Roswell Army Airfield on that fateful day in 1947.  Marcel Jr. even handled fragments from the debris field when he was a child.  Due to the sad facts of life and age, we don't have many more eye witnesses left...if any.

So I'm glad there are researchers like Schmitt and Carey who are still on the case.  For as I've said many times, I'm willing to believe that Roswell has a prosaic explanation...but so far none of the "official" reasons we've been given make any damn sense.

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