Thursday, November 21, 2013

Comic book headquarters

There are points where my various geeky interests intersect and intensify.

I love comic books.  I love maps.  Nothing used to please me more than when an issue of a comic book I was following including a map of the hero's secret headquarters.  What follows is a cursory lit review of just that topic:

The Fortress of Solitude.  This is Superman's hideout and home away from home.  It has been in various locations across the world but it is primarily remembered as being in the North Pole.  The linked jpeg is from Superman Annual #10.

The Batcave.  Can't very well exclude Batman's HQ now can I?  This image is from a much older comic, but I like the cutaway view. 

Avengers Mansion.  The manor built by Tony Stark's father got a bit of a makeover after the Avengers moved in.  These specs come from Giant-Sized Avengers.

Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.  Home of the X-Men.  This page even gives technical blueprints of the team's modified Blackbird.

Challengers Mountain.  Challengers of the Unknown was not the most popular comics series ever, but I sure liked it.  Plus, this map is another cutaway view of a headquarters and I can't resist that.

The Baxter Building.  Headquarters of the Fantastic Four.  This one's from a Silver Age comic.

Justice League HQ.  As pictured above.  Gives the blueprints of both the cave and the satellite.  None of that Watchtower business.

Project Pegasus.  Remember this post?

Apple "Spaceship" Headquarters.  Sorry.  Saw this one and couldn't resist.  Love the snarky tone.

Ever wonder how much these types of pads would cost?  One intrepid G.I. Joe fan wrote up the team's HQ ("The Pit") as a real estate listing. 

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