Monday, February 23, 2015

The Linda Cortile UFO case

I wanted to take a moment to consider a UFO abduction case from 1989. It is alleged to have been significant due to its location and the number of...not to mention the nature of...actual witnesses involved.

At 3:00am on  November 30th, 1989, a woman named Linda Cortile (an alias) claims she was levitated out the window of her 12th story apartment in Manhattan and brought aboard a hovering UFO. As is often the case with purported abductions, this was not the first such time that Cortile had been taken by Grays. What made this time unique was that there were said to be at least three witnesses to the event...a rarity to say the least when dealing with the subject of alien abduction.

What's more, the three witnesses were a United Nations dignitary and his two bodyguards, moving by car on the street below the building. Using aliases, the two bodyguards in the case contacted famed alien abduction investigator, Budd Hopkins about what they had seen. Further allegations assert that the UN official was none other than Javier Perez du Cuellar, Secretary-General of the UN at the time, although he denied being any such witness. Likewise, no one has been able to ascertain the true identity of these guards in question. In fact, no one seems to have determined whether or not they even existed in the first place. Hopkins himself admitted that he never interviewed these men face-to-face.

Another problem with this case is the location. It's New York City. In fact, the location was well within view of the Brooklyn Bridge. Even at 3:00am, there should have been many witnesses to the UFO. Where are these witnesses? Well, Budd Hopkins asserted that one such witness from the bridge contacted him:

"The woman, a widow of about sixty, claimed to have been driving on the Brooklyn Bridge at 3:16 a.m., November 30, 1989.  She reported that her car stopped and the lights went out.  She too saw a large, brightly lit object over a building; in fact, the light was so bright that she was forced to shield her eyes, though she was over a quarter mile away.  Nevertheless, she claimed to have observed four figures in fetal positions emerge from a window.  The figures simultaneously uncurled and then moved up into the craft.  Ms. Kimble was quite frightened by the event, and people in cars behind her were 'running all around their cars with theirs (sic) hands on their heads, screaming from horror and disbelief.' "

So where are all these people? As a mass sighting, this would be quite a significant case and a cover-up would seem all but impossible. Why didn't this make news? Could the government have somehow coerced all of the drivers involved on the Bridge that night? Doubtful. Hopkins theorized that the aliens (or entities of undetermined nature) have technology that could make themselves selectively invisible or switch off the aspects of the consciousness of the witnesses involved.

I can almost buy that premise.

Consider if the "aliens" in question are not interplanetary aliens at all. Rather, they are interdimensional. Other dimensions and universes are moving beyond theoretical playthings and becoming seriously considered. As more data is crunched from experiments at the LHC, the evidence for such realities may surface. We may inhabit one of many universes or realities all under one umbrella. If UFOs and their occupants are beings from other dimensions, universes, or realities, that may explain certain inconsistencies in cases like these. If they are such, UFO craft and beings may seem to "blink" in and out of existence. There one minute. Gone the next. Leaving little if any evidence behind of their presence. This is due to the fact that they are moving between dimensions.

Could it be that abductees are not going into spacecraft as they report from their perspective, but are actually being shunted into another dimension or another state of existence? Perhaps even another state of consciousness? This opens up wider considerations for cases of abduction while avoiding the problems of distance and physics that accompany the extraterrestrial hypothesis (although I still hold out hope for Einstein-Rosen Bridges.)

Unfortunately for the case of Linda Cortile, such waxing theoretical does not supply hard evidence.

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