Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Random life post

Tonight will be something of a "random life" blog post.

I just took one of those online quizzes. You know the ones that are consummate wastes of time but you just can't say no to? This one was called "What kind of computer are you?" Here is my result:

You are a Mac.

This is something of a coincidence. On campus and during the week, I use a PC. I find the Windows interface to be practical and intuitive and if something goes wrong I can usually fix it. But I also have a Mac. It has been obstreperous at best and I'm sick of it. I even took it to an Apple Store last weekend, thoroughly wishing I could chuck the thing underneath my car and then stick solely with PCs. Dense Saturday traffic and having to park in a garage three city blocks away from the store really ticked me off all the more.

But while I sat in the jam-packed Apple Store, I came to something of a realization. I might hate Macs as computers, but I really dig "Apple culture." The "Geniuses" are affable types with piercings, tattoos, and multi-colored hair. There is definitely a creative vibe surging through the place. I felt at home there in the clean, open, IKEA-like interior. If they served coffee, I probably hang out there, talking philosophy and being creative. I'll never spend another dime on Apple computer technology, but their stores are just delightful.

Just thought I'd blog about it.

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