Thursday, April 7, 2016

Shock and panic in India: strange beings on the loose

If you're looking for somewhere with both UFO activity and sightings of strange beings, you could do worse than India.

Residents in the village of Boliyar are reporting encounters with a small, child-sized being with a human face that has been seen running on all fours. One of the first encounters is said to have involved a woman walking alone at night, sensing there was something following behind her. It was the child-sized creature, who then chased her back to her home all while screaming in an "unknown language" before running into a dense, nearby forest. Something of a panic has risen up in the wake of these sightings. Police are investigating and the locals have taken to patrolling the woods.

There are those of course who have taken to calling the being "alien." I suspect this is due in part to such a thing being a blanket explanation for strangeness these days, but also because India has become something of a UFO hot spot. While the report about the human-faced thing is already a few months old by now, I just today saw an article about the Indian Air Force being called upon to confront a UFO over an airport. This, apparently, is not the first time this has happened in India in recent times, either. Yet another case from last October has sparked even more speculation of connection between UFOs and the strange being sightings.

In that aforementioned case, witnesses in the small village of Kanagal claimed to have watched a red UFO land and humanoid figures emerge from the craft. The humanoids, dressed in what looked like orange uniforms, appeared to take photographs of the witnesses before returning to the craft and rising back into the sky "in showers of sparks and flashes."

Two interesting points about that latter case. One, most UFO reports involve silent craft that move in an elegant fashion and with no discharge of flame. Second, it is said that the witnesses interviewed in this village are wholly unaware of the concept of aliens, let alone versed in television images of them. Make of that what you will.

I intend to keep watching India. It seems poised to be the new Latin America in terms of bizarre new UFO phenomena and accompanying creatures, similar to what we saw with "flying humanoids" in Mexico early last decade. Obviously evidence in these cases is currently lacking. The fact that most of the sightings in the first case have taken place at night in an isolated area invites great likelihood of it being a case of distorted perception followed by human "groupthink." "I saw a strange alien being!" "Yeah? So did I!"

Nevertheless, I of course enjoy these types of stories. I don't take them all that seriously, but I truly get enjoyment out them just the same. While "Greys" seem to get all the attention, I like reading about the truly bizarre, offbeat beings that people have supposedly encountered. I am amazed by the wide variety of cases. This sheer diversity has made me further wonder about what Keel and Vallee postulated. Is there a broad "superspectrum" of these living entities, perhaps bleeding into our dimension from others? Do they change their shape in order to respond to our thoughts and perceptions or do our thoughts create them outright as ersatz half-human, half-creature gods from our most distant memories? This whole thing is probably a lot weirder than aliens.

As for the beings in India, I'm going to wait for more evidence. Who knows? Maybe Bollywood could churn us out there own fakey, trashy alien autopsy video.

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