Tuesday, May 17, 2016

MoD will release UFO files but don't get too worked up about it

An alleged UFO photographed over New Jersey during a 1952 flap. Source.

Try not to get too excited, but new UFO files are about to be released.

I caution against excitement as these disclosures seldom lead to anything.

Seems like it's a perennial headline, "X-Files about to be opened!" This time it's files from the British Ministry of Defense, former stomping grounds of ardent UFO investigator (one of the more level-headed among them usually), Nick Pope. The UK's House of Lords has backed the release of these files that contain official investigations into UFO sightings. Space People True Believers no doubt hope that the ever-elusive "smoking gun" will be found amid this new information that proves aliens have been visiting Earth for a long while now and world governments have been keeping it all very much hush hush. Among other cases, there is hoped to be more information in the files regarding the UK's legendary Rendlesham Forest incident.

The article makes Nick Pope sound optimistic about things. While not quoted, the writer says Pope believes the "files should contain some fascinating sightings." I suppose that's not all that out of the realm of reasonable expectation. The article also says that Pope warns not to expect any evidence of a "British Roswell" or substantive indications that the Britain has any UFOs in a secret hangar somewhere. That's probably a good idea.

An MoD spokesman is quoted in the article as giving an estimated release date as around the 25th of this month. Apparently, this is additionally welcome news as the initial release of these files was delayed in 2014 due to processing issues. This of course fueled the fires of many conspiracy theorists.

After all, they need something to do.

I don't mean to come off sounding as self-aggrandizing or intimate that I'm the great UFO panjandrum, but as I indicated before, these kinds of stories are just redundant to me. As Pope says, we might get a few interesting glimpses into sightings or at hitherto unseen information about specific sightings, but I can almost assure you there will be nothing earth-shattering to be found. Think about it. If there really is a conspiracy, would government officials give anything away in these documents they're about to release?  Kinda defeats the purpose of a conspiracy, right?

If nothing else it might make for a bit of interesting reading.

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