Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Haunted computers

Of all the paranormal, ghosts just aren't my thing.

I've read a fair amount about them and even written a bit, but as phenomena go, they aren't my favorite. It's in part an evidence thing. Still, there are aspects of the phenomena that get through my humbuggery. For instance, I like how ghosts, an old facet of the human psyche, sometimes  hook up with high tech and jam.

I'm talking about haunted computers. I first heard of such things back in the 1990s. I used to live in a burb where they said the park district office was haunted by a previous owner (the office used to be a house.) Someone who worked there said that one day the cursor on her computer kept going to Print Shop (it was the 90s, yknow) and wouldn't move. The woman gave up, assumed it was the ghost's birthday, and made a birthday card. The cursor then moved freely.

So today I found the site for World ITC (http://www.worlditc.org/). They're an organization dedicated to "the new technology of spiritual contact." Sure enough, there are accounts of "messages from the other side" coming through in streams of texts or even in emails. Check out the claimed image of John Denver.

It's all rather similar to those who claim to have received phone calls from someone who has died. The recipient picks up the phone, hears mostly static, but also there's a voice they recognize as being that of someone who has passed on. Chilling. It would also suggest the phenomenon does have something to do with the electromagnetic spectrum, particularly if you're a fan of EVPs.

Now I remember why I don't research these things. Too creepy.

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