Monday, January 3, 2011

Art by nanotech

 This photo is property of Ghim Wei Ho.

Special thanks to Ewa Turska on Facebook for posting the link to this article.
The photograph above is visible only via an electron microscope.  They are silicon composite nanostructures created by Ghim Wei Ho, a PhD candidate at The University of Cambridge.  Click the link provided above and you'll see even more amazing photographs, such as "nano-flowers."  
"In addition to 'flowers,'" she says on the Nanotechnology Now site, "I can also grow nanowires, cones, rings etc. Apart from their beauty as three-dimensional structures, detailed characterization reveals a complex mixture of amorphous and crystalline material which not only determines the ultimate structure but also provides a unique material with potential applications for both electronic and photonic devices."

Applications indeed.  I can only imagine what sort of cybernetic opportunities may be available to us in the near future based upon these very structures.  We are looking at transhumanism continuing out of its incipient stages.  Doubtless it will be many years before we see that sort of thing become real and available.  In the meantime, just go to the site and enjoy the pics as an art gallery.  For that is what it truly is.  Fascinating...and beautiful stuff.

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