Tuesday, January 4, 2011

They came from beneath the sea...

Say the word "UFO" to someone and chances are they will know what you mean.  
Say the word "USO" and most people will automatically think of Bob Hope and Brooke Shields entertaining the troops overseas.  And rightfully so.  
However, the abbreviation "USO" also stands for "Unidentified Submerged Object."

That's right, folks.  They're seen under the sea, too.  Have been for quite a while now if we're to interpret the logs of Columbus literally.  While in the region known as The Bermuda Triangle (cue ominous music), Columbus and his crews sighted glowing objects that rose out of the sea and into the air.  Other sightings date back even further, all the way to Ancient Egypt and Greece.
In 1967 there was a highly documented UFO crash in Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia.  Ships from both Canadian and American coast guards and navies cordoned off the area, then watched as a second unknown, luminescent object approached underwater and joined the downed craft.  Witnesses claimed that the newcomer appeared to repair the fallen one, then both objects rose out of the water before disappearing into the sky at high speeds.
Numerous personnel from navies around the world have attested to sightings of USOs that they had during their time of seaborne service.  These interviews have been featured on programs such as UFO Hunters and UFO Files.  After a bit of googling, I found this link which featured a quote from a 2001 UFO presentation at the National Press Club:
"A witness for the Disclosure Project, presented at the National Press Club on May 9, 2001 in Washington DC, was Dan Willis, U.S. Navy. [sic]  He worked in the code room of the communication station in San Francisco. He received a priority message, classified as Secret, from a military ship near Alaska. The ship reported, emerging out of the ocean, near port bow, a brightly glowing, reddish-orange elliptical object approximately 70 feet in diameter. It shot out of the water traveling at about 700 mph. This event was tracked on the ships radar and substantiated."

Now it's time to ponder: "just what are USOs?"  Well, here's a few theories.  I encourage you to do a bit of reading, evaluate what evidence there is and draw your own conclusions.

1. "Lights" seen undersea are merely the natural bio-luminescence of certain sea life.  There are species of fish and other marine life that naturally glow.  Sightings of physical craft are mere hallucinations and overactive imaginations.

2. These are government craft...experimental submarines that can move in air and water with equal ease.  Y'know, like that yellow thing from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea?  Indeed, numerous USO sightings have taken place in areas like Puerto Rico and the Bahamas where the US Navy has a strong presence.  There is an area off the Bahamas that is even said to be the Navy's version of Area 51.  All of this could be run on secret black ops budgets with little or no accountability within the federal government's matrix.
3. Aliens have established undersea bases on our planet.  Makes sense when you think about it.  The vast majority of our planet is water.  We know relatively little about the ocean depths and even our military submarines do not travel into the truly deep areas.  Aliens could remain undetected there for quite a while and come and go with ease.  There are speculations among some USO researchers that the theoretical  anti-gravity drives that propel UFOs through the air with such speed and maneuverability could also project an electromagnetic "bubble" around the craft, allowing it to traverse the ocean depths without resistance.  In fact, many of those who claim to have sighted UFOs dive beneath the ocean say that there was little to no disturbance of the water's surface when the craft entered.  
If this is all the case, then we must ask ourselves this unsettling question: If they are sharing our planet with us secretly, just what is their agenda?

4. Another civilization of living, sentient, and technologically advanced beings has quietly evolved alongside us on Earth.  Call them "cryptoterrestrials" as the late, great Mac Tonnies did in his book.  They dwell beneath the sea, perhaps even giving rise to legends such as Atlantis.  How much of mythology deals with undersea deities and other amphibious beings?  Could this have a basis in fact?  If you read H.P. Lovecraft's "Shadow Over Innsmouth" or "The Doom That Came To Sarnath," you might hope that this isn't the case.

5. It's all light from the planet Venus refracted through swamp gas that was collected by a weather balloon and...well, you get the point.

For further reading, I'd suggest Ivan T. Sanderson's Invisible Residents: The Reality of Underwater UFOs.  Not sure I agree with what is said in it, but it is a fascinating and mind-broadening read.  

UFOs...not just for the air anymore. 

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