starring Jeremy Irons, Genevieve Bujold, and Jake Peavy as The Beav.

Identical twin gynecologists (Irons)…I’ll give you a moment to take that in…capitalize on the fact that no one can tell them apart.  The more confident of the two seduces his patients.  When the woman grows tedious, he passes them on to his sibling.  This all changes the day an actress (Bujold) comes into the clinic for fertility treatment.

Ahhh David Cronenberg.  What a charmer you are.  While you might be a bit too “out there” at times for even me to handle, I have boundless respect for how you seem to choose projects that you know will drive away the vast majority of the movie-going public.  People can say what they want about you, but there’s no denying your creativity.
A few of Cronenberg’s other classics have a strong special-effects component to them.  I’m talking about films such as The Fly and Videodrome.  This one relies more on twisted psychology (though somehow the picture still manages to include his penchant for “throbbing meat.”  Not sure how else to put that but if you’ve seen his films you know what I mean.)  These twins are in a complete state of psychological and to a degree, physical symbiosis.  True co-dependence.  The descent into lunacy is stunning to behold when they are driven apart.  Their behavior highlights not simply mental illness, but the obsessions and yes, at times, madness that is associated with truly brilliant people.  Another mesmerizing aspect of the film is that although Jeremy Irons plays both twins, the direction never lets on that there’s only one actor.  No hokey, Disney, Parent Trap camerawork here.  A feat like that takes true talent, especially considering that this was done all the way back in 1988. 
Admittedly, this film is not for everyone…like so much of Cronenberg’s body of work.  But if your mind is eager for a sabbatical from the gooey pap of mainstream film, this just might do the trick for you.