Tuesday, June 28, 2011

UFOs Over London

Last Friday, a YouTube user uploaded a video of what he or she claims to be multiple UFOs over Britain’s capitol city.  The video features several dot-like objects in the daytime sky, streaking over the streets and buildings several times.  Admittedly, the objects do not exhibit flight characteristics of typical aircraft.  Their speed is higher and their maneuverability is sharp and jerky, lacking the languid sorts of turns we’re accustomed to.  What’s more, a shiny disc appears sort of catawampus in the frame.  This silver object appears much larger than the other UFOs and has been called the “mothership” by the videographer.
By now, other videos have surfaced of the same sort of phenomenon over the skies of London.  One video shows UFOs over the Tower of London and another clip of footage appears to be shot from the offices of The Mill, a company that does post-production effects for movies.  Rather telling, that.  In this day and age with so many robust computer applications for photo and video manipulation, I automatically assume any anomalous footage I see to be a hoax.  Might sound sad, but unless I see evidence to the contrary, “fraud” is going to be my default stance.  It’s just too easy to fake this sort of thing these days.  By “fake,” I don’t necessarily mean the work of pranksters, either.  This could all be a sort of viral marketing campaign for a new feature film.  Wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen this happen and given the suspected vantage point for one of the videos, one really must wonder.  The YouTube user has of course been defiant about any allegations, citing the number of other videos and the varying vantage points, as well as offering the open challenge of  “If you believe it's easy Photoshopped why don't you make a video & show us all.” [sic]  

So what if, just what if, this is the real thing?  Mass sightings over metropolitan areas are not unheard of.  Washington D.C. had a significant wave of sightings in July of 1952.  Investigator Robert Stanley was on Coast-to-Coast AM just last night talking about this flap and several other sightings of discs, cylinder-shaped motherships, and the like over the capitol.  Phoenix in 1997 was the site of an infamous mass sighting that has yet to be satisfactorily explained.  So if this London footage is demonstrated to be genuine, then it would appear we have well-documented mass sighting over one of the world’s major cities.  

Oh who am I kidding?  There may be a simple means of verification, one that I am uniquely able to offer.  Right now, our man Bernard J. Sell, my co-author of Monsters! (plug, plug, plug) is in London, hard at work in the researching of his next installment of Ghosty.  As much as possible, I will be publishing Bernard’s reports from the field as we try to get to the bottom of all this.  To Bernard I issue one simple and familiar directive: “keep watching the skies.”

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