Friday, March 2, 2012

If doomsday comes, will Wyoming be unprepared?

Wyoming needs an aircraft carrier.

Or at least that was the proposed legislation in the state House of Representatives.  Other provisions of the bill included the state printing its own currency, enacting a military draft of its citizenry, and distribution of food during a crisis.  Given that Wyoming is a landlocked state, even the most teabagging GOP politician would have a tough time justifying an aircraft carrier.  State Rep. Dan Zwonitzer (R-Cheyenne) said that such provisions were added in order to deliberately kill the bill.

"It was $15,000 for a study to see how Wyoming would handle an emergency, if we were prepared for a crisis," he said. "It was an innocuous study to prepare for a crisis."

Innocuous or not, the measure only one vote.  Think about it.  Wyoming was only one vote shy of making its first step towards an aircraft carrier.   All jest aside, I suppose I can't blame the state legislature for wanting to be prepared.  For wanting a carrier, yes, but not for merely looking into how to conduct state affairs after economic collapse. 

It's all just indicative of larger forces in my opinion.  This go it alone, rugged individualism school of thought has only grown more entrenched in the past four years.  "Everything's gone to hell, we can't get any or we refuse to afford any cooperation, let's just go our own way."  As radical as it might seem, it might not be a bad idea in a certain sense.

The chances appear very slim that the right and left of the U.S. political spectrum will ever see eye to eye, especially as they only grow more polarized and extreme.  Two separate nations living amicably apart might be the way things go in the years ahead.

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