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UFO case: The Kinnula Humanoid

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Indulge me, please.

I am about to relate to you a UFO case that I came across online, one entitled "The Kinnula Humanoid" at this UFO site.  I am fully aware that this post likely does nothing to advance the study of the UFO phenomenon in terms of science.  The case itself, at least as it is described on the site, offers no corroborating evidence other than the supposed testimony of the two men involved.  If other evidence exists, there are no links for it on the site.  After a bit of Googling, I have found other sites relating the event as well as new witnesses.  Not sure what to make of any of this but I am for the moment quite skeptical.  It is however, a really great story.

It's February 5th, 1971.  Petter Aliranta and E.J. Sneck were woodsmen working in the forests of Kinnula, Finland.  As the day moved into afternoon, both men reported that a classic, saucer-shaped UFO (a sketch is provided above) glided in silently over the trees and then landed in the snow upon four thin legs.  From an opening on the UFO's underside came a humanoid being.  The alien...or whatever it was...stood at an estimated height of three feet.  It wore a green, one-piece diver's suit...or at least that was the best way Aliranta and Sneck could explain it.  The drawing makes it look like some kind of cross between the Pilsbury Doughboy and The Michelin Man.  Which would make it Cayce Pollard's nightmare come true.  Sorry.  Go read William Gibson's Pattern Recognition.

As if the being's appearance were not eerie enough, it demonstrated two behaviors that completely unnerved our lumberjacks (in fact, you could say "they were lumberjacks and they weren't ok."  Ahem.  Sorry.)  For one, the being slowly glided out of the bottom of the craft and then touched down.  The other being that despite the deep snow on the ground, the entity could walk on top of the snow without sinking.  Weird.  Nevertheless, the creature kept advancing toward the men with Aliranta being the nearest to it.

In a move I think we can all appreciate, Aliranta started his chainsaw.  Upon seeing this, the being retreated back to the UFO.  Aliranta decided to pursue.  As he got nearer the craft, Aliantra reported seeing a row of portholes along the side of the saucer.  Through the portholes were beings similar in appearance to the one he was chasing with the chainsaw. 

Oh boy is this great!

Once underneath the UFO, the humanoid again began to rise into the air.  Aliranta dove forward and got a grip on the entity's "boot."  Just then, the entity's suit began to burn with blistering heat, "like hot iron" Aliranta would later describe it.  Aliantra was forced to release the tiny, chubby guy and allow it to rise back up into the saucer.  Once the creature had done so, the craft lifted up into the air and took off out of sight.  All at tremendous speed.

There were marks left in the snow by both the UFO's landing gear and footprints from the being.  Sneck and Aliranta provided measurements of them but who knows if they actually stopped to take readings of the formation with a tape measure.  Regardless, the marks in the snow were the only evidence left behind by either the object or the being.  Well, maybe not the only.  Apparently, there were blisters and burns visible on the inside of Aliranta's hand for two months after the close encounter.  It would stand to reason that someone else in Finland saw these marks. 

I don't know about the wounds, but this site claims that there were other witnesses to both the UFO and the entity.  On February 2nd, three days before Aliranta and Sneck's encounter, two women were driving on a Finnish highway.  As their account states, the women saw a saucer-shaped craft pass over their car.  As they drove past a nearby field, both spotted the same, bizarre entity that the lumberjacks did.  A figure three feet tall and wearing a solid green suit with a helmet on it.  Being frightened at the strange sight and being bereft of chainsaws, the women drove out of there in a hurry.

What are we supposed to make of any of this?

I mean, it's a fantastic story.  It's got a UFO landing and then an alien getting chased by a lumberjack with a chainsaw.  What more do you want??!!  Oh yeah, evidence.  Right.

Well I'm afraid there is little of that.  If there is any further evidence out there, either no one has produced or I have to research this further and see where it is posted.  One proposed theory is that this was the result of a hoax perpetrated by a local radio DJ and that the lumberjacks were in on it.  Right now, that's as good of a hypothesis as any, probably better.  This is not to say that the people involved imagined all of this, fabricated this, or that it otherwise did not happen to them.  There is no way I can say that for sure.  The burden of proof, however, is always on the claimant.  Therefore, we must wait to see what kind of evidence someone comes up with to support the claim.

Part of me hopes that really happens.  If not for my curiosity but for a humanity to have a chance to atone for slighting a visitor.  What if the little guy only wanted to be friends?  "I come in peace" right?  Perhaps he wanted to share his love with the population of planet Earth and soothe a world battered by war and racial tension?  It was 1971 so maybe he wished to obtest that The Beatles put aside their philosophical and ideological differences and "come together" (sorry) as a band again? 

Like I said, it's a great yarn.  One worthy of a pulp science fiction short story collection.

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