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The UFO nuclear connection

They like nukes.  Or at least they seem to.  

In an article describing actual military plans to repel a hypothetical alien invasion, Professor Paul Springer of the U.S. Air Command and Staff College at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama and formerly of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, pointed to the number of UFO sightings that have occurred near nuclear facilities.  If aliens were to invade, one of their first orders of business would be to eliminate any weapons that might be a threat to them.  Our nuclear forces would be on the top of that list.  For over sixty years, military bases that hosed nuclear weapons have been the subject of numerous UFO visitations.  A few of those encounters are even among the very best UFO cases in terms of evidence.

Malmstrom Air Force Base near Great Falls, Montana is responsible for the oversight of numerous underground silos containing Minuteman nuclear missiles.  In 1967, a UFO appeared over the Launch Control Center of the complex and numerous missiles went offline.  Robert Salas, who was the Deputy Missile Combat Crew Commander at the time, has gone on record about this incident on numerous occasions.  I've read of other accounts where UFOs had actually begun to feed in the launch codes to nuclear missiles and then halted before release.  I'm having trouble corroborating those stories so that's going to have to remain anecdotal for the time being.  Nevertheless, the Malmstrom case leaves us with one troubling fact...a UFO rendered an arm of our nuclear deterrent unlaunchable.

There is of course the Rendlesham case in Britain of 1980.  Several veterans of the U.S. Air Force encountered a UFO while they were charged with guarding an airbase.  This airbase housed nuclear weapons and the object appeared to demonstrate great interest in the storage facilities that contained said weapons.  You can read more about this case and its evidence at the link.  Suffice to say that both the U.S. and the RAF stated that "nothing of defense interest occurred on the date of the sighting."  So either a UFO of unknown origin penetrated a secure base housing nuclear weapons or the men in charge of securing those weapons all suffered a mass hallucination, up to and including touching the physical craft.  Neither of which are of "defense interest."  Great.

Here's more on the two above cases from a 2010 gathering at the National Press Club.

Additionally, there are numerous reports of UFOs hovering around nuclear power plants or atomic energy facilities such as Oak Ridge, Los Alamos, and Savannah River.  Dr. Donald Johnson does a good job of going into this phenomenon at great length in his paper, Do Nuclear Facilities Attract UFOs?  One of the more interesting cases that he illustrates is that of a UFO sighted over the Chernobyl nuclear reactor during the time of the 1986 disaster.   Technicians reported sighing a brass-colored orb hovering over the reactor about three hours after the initial explosion:

"Two bright red rays shot out from the UFO and were directed at the reactor. It hovered in the area for about three minutes, then the rays vanished and the UFO moved slowly away to the northwest. Radiation levels taken just before the UFO appeared read 3,000 milliroentgens/hour, and after the rays the readings showed 800 milliroentgens/hour. Apparently the UFO had brought down the radiation level."

While it may be that this incident was a product of the understandably overstressed brains of the Chernobyl technicians, the fact remains that there Johnson posits and supports...a higher incidence of UFO activity around nuclear facilities.  No wonder that Professor Springer keeps this firmly in mind as he serves to prepare a response to an alien attack.  This standpoint, however, moves from the assumption that UFO cases are alien in nature.

They may be.  I'll grant you that possibility.  That is, however, only one of many horses in the derby of UFO origins.  Regardless of the nature and origin of the UFOs, they do exhibit strong interest in our nuclear capability.  Why?  Perhaps to siphon off energy for themselves.  Perhaps to warn us of as a few would conjecture, save us from the woe that may one day betide us for our nuclear dalliances.  Whatever the case may be, I'm tossing "UFO presence" onto the ever-growing list of "why to not own property near a nuclear plant."

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  1. Robert Salas' discussion of the Echo and Oscar Flight Incidents as UFO-related events is woefully inaccurate and leaves out a good 95% of the available information and evidence, including over 80-pages of FOIA documentation. The results tend to elevate Robert Salas as some kind of credible expert on UFOs as a result of his alleged experiences at Echo Flight and Oscar Flight in March 1967, but most of his supporters, including Robert Hastings, have failed utterly to take his poor credibility and numerous proven lies into account. The events in question simply did not occur as he has discussed and as many others are using in their attempts to effect public, political discourse. There were no UFOs involved at Echo Flight at all, and the incident at Oscar Flight never even happened. The men who have spread these lies, primarily Robert Salas and Robert Hastings, have done so for their own benefit, and they have been proven wrong on numerous occasions in numerous ways. In fact, both the commander and the deputy commander at Echo Flight on March 16, 1967 have repeatedly come forward to state that UFOs were not involved. They also insist, as do many dozens of other witnesses who were at Malmstrom AFB on the dates in question, that the incident at Oscar Flight never even occurred. There is no record anywhere suggesting that such an incident did occur. I would recommend that if you are truly interested in knowing what actually did take place at Malmstrom AFB in March 1967 you go to the following URLs, where you can download at no cost a book discussing REobert Salas and Echo Flight and supporting articles discussing the case:

    I would also recommend that you examine the numerous interviews and articles at the Reality Uncovered website: -- many of the front articles discuss the events at Echo Flight in March 1967, and include interviews with both the commander and the deputy commander at Echo Flight on March 16, 1967 when the missiles were taken offline by an electronic noise pulse, an incident that was thoroughly investigated and very well documented.

    A lot information regarding this incident can also be found at the Reality Uncovered forum, in particular the Echo Flight Incident thread:

    Tim Hebert, an ex-USAF missileer himself, has also written some enlightening articles regarding the case on his blog at:

    Dr. David Clarke, for many years an accepted expert regarding the British military forces' investigations of the UFO phenomenon for many years, has also discussed this case in the context of the "UFO and Nukes" connection asserted by author Robert Hastings. You can read his article on the subject at

    The lies currently being spread by Robert Hastings and Robert Salas have been repeatedly proven as lies by witness testimony and documented evidence. There is no doubt whatsoever that they created this case for their own benefit. There were no UFOs involved -- it is a lie, another sad little UFO hoax intended to swell the heads and bank accounts of those asserting the lie and nothing more.

    Thank you,
    James Carlson
    Albuquerque, NM

  2. Wow, that's a comment and a half, James. In fairness, I have heard grumblings about Salas before as well pitches of books arguing to the contrary of his statements. I'll check them out in time. The fact remains, there have been a disproportionate amount of UFO sightings around nuclear facilities.
    Thanks for the comment.


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