Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's all new!

No, you are not seeing things.  This blog has changed.

Within a month or so of starting Strange Horizons, I noticed an article.  This article was posted on a site for a magazine of the same name.  I jokingly tweeted that I had been "scooped."  Some guy connected with the original SH tweeted back, "Indeed!  I was wondering when you would notice the magazine that's been around for 10 years.  :)  "  Of course the smiley face added at the end was meant to soften the jab.  I asked around, but was unable to find anyone who had even heard of this mag.

I didn't let it bother me.  I just kept on keeping on, bringing you the best content in UFOs, transhumanism, science fiction, art, and basically anything I found weird and interesting with Duran Duran and snarky political commentary thrown in just for fun.

But with the publication of my e-novella, Hound of Winter, I found that to take things to the next level, the blog needed an authentic name.  A name that was mine and mine alone.  After all, who needs the confusion?  Are you Jon Nichols' Strange Horizons or that other one?  Wait, are you affiliated with the magazine?  I don't need the headaches.  I do need a clear communication message.

So here we are.  Esoteric Synaptic Events.   I am excited about this new chapter in the blogging and publishing of Jon Nichols.  What can you expect?  The same content as usual, just with a new name.  Plus, I am planning to release a collection of science fiction short stories, both as e-book and podcast audiobook thanks to those fine folks at Prairie Independent Media that will bear the ESE title. That's coming down the pike and I'll let you know when you can get your digital hands on it.  Also, Esoteric Synaptic Events will soon have its own Facebook page.   When that's cocked, locked, and ready to rock, you'll all be directed where to go so you can "like" it.  That is, if you would be so kind.

New look.  New stuff.  Same great content.  Or at worst, same tolerable musings and fumblings.

Oh and if you could update all your old links to the blog to reflect the change in both name and URL, that would nifty as heck.  Thanks!  And thanks for reading and sticking with me!

My e-novella Hound of Winter is now available for just 99 cents.

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