Tuesday, September 18, 2012


As I have been obtusely referring to for the past month, a new chapter has begun in my life.

I can tell you now that I am teaching First Year composition at a liberal arts college.  I thought that I would take a moment today and share my newfound environs with you through a brief photoblog.

There's something about red brick buildings and green foliage that just seems to scream out "collegiate."

 What's college without football?  Here is where Saturday's contest will play out.

Snap of the marching band practicing.  Sorry for the distant look.  I just felt sort of creepy lurking closer and closer to the students with a camera in my hand.  Public photography can be a questionable activity in this day and age and not without just reason.  So I just didn't want to press my luck.  The band sounded good, however.  Even after the endless loops of starting and stopping and then going back to the beginning.

Speaking of creepy, the visage of this nun statue unnerved me.  The statue is larger than the average human and the face looks of liquid metal.  Were it my college, I would probably install my own nun sculpture, something like St. Vera of Tartuffery

 And she only has one foot.

A sculpture outside one of the key academic buildings.  I'll allow you free reign to interpret what you believe the piece depicts, however those of you familiar with the art of Georgia O'Keefe no doubt have an inkling as to where this is going.

A phone.  Set aside in an alcove.  Just there.  I assume it's a campus phone, but it just seems so oddly out of place.

The street I'm on was closed for a few days for reasons indeterminable.  Then I found it was all to install this nifty new "gravel strip." 

No, this painting is not on campus.  I found it online and am including it here simply because I like it and...well, because I can.

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