Tuesday, September 4, 2012

UFO "secrets" revealed this month


At first I was skeptical, now I am quite intrigued.

The Museum of Atomic Testing in Las Vegas, Nevada will host a special lecture and symposium later this month on UFO sightings and Area 51.   It's actually part of a series of lectures on the subject matter of Area 51, no doubt meant to bolster interest in a new exhibit at the Museum (a Smithsonian affiliate, by the way).  What's more, the lecture promises to reveal hitherto unknown "UFO secrets."  Normally, I would dismiss such talk.  After all, unless someone was going to be there with an actual artifact from a UFO or somesuch, the net result of the lecture would be just more unprovable testimony.

Then I got a look at the guest list. 
Col. Charles Halt, USAF ret., commanding officer involved with the Brentwaters/Rendlesham Forest UFO case.   
Col. John Alexander, US Army ret., former military insider who created Advanced Theoretical Physics -- a group of top-level government officials and scientists brought together to study UFOs.
Col. William Coleman, USAF ret., former bomber pilot, chief of Air Force public information and producer of NBC's "Project UFO" series.
Nick Pope, former British Ministry of Defense official charged with UFO investigation and an outstanding UFO researcher and author.

That is a mere portion of the speakers, but it's already a list with an impressive pedigree.  Clearly, this event is intended with a serious purpose.  More to the point, UFO phenomena will be discussed as viewed through a military lens, certainly an action that should bring at least a bit of credibility with it.  As Nick Pope says in the link above:

"...the bottom line was that we wanted Joe Sixpack off our backs. Strip out all the mistaken sightings of weather balloons and dump all the crazies, and we might just have something worth looking at," Pope told HuffPost in an e-mail.
"But you can't do that in a public UFO project, because it's a kook magnet," he said. "The trick is to highlight all the crazy stuff in the media, so the subject becomes a joke, pull the plug, then run the whole thing covertly. Now I'm not saying this is exactly what happened, but if an Air Force pilot sees something unusual and it's tracked on military radar, does anyone seriously think we wouldn't be interested?"

Why indeed.  Many military personnel have been marginalized and persecuted for their UFO experiences, it's only just that their stories be told and retold for all to hear.

No one is talking about the UFO revelation that is going to be announced other than Pope asserting it has something to do with the MoD files.  Regardless, when people like Nick Pope and Col. Halt have something to say on the matter of UFOs, I'm going to listen. So check back here towards the end of the month.  I may or may not have a follow-up post depending on the nature and gravity of the announcement.

If there is a downside to any of this, it is that the nature and origin of the unexplained UFO encounters described will no doubt be attributed to aliens. 

Ah yes, the extraterrestrial hypothesis.  You appear to be the only game in town. 

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