Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Slouching towards photography

Been feeling arty lately.

So today, I strolled around and snapped photos of whatever caught my eye.  Mind you I'm only using the tiny camera on my cellphone.  Images might not be of the greatest quality.

Statue through trees.  Apparently, this holy man has the Mark of Saruman upon his face just like the Uruk-hai from Lord of the Rings.  Judging by his eyes, his circadian rhythms are a bit off as well.  The picture seems horizontally stretched for whatever reason, too.

Part of a mural for our campus.  I'm trying to think of a nifty conspiracy theory to go with it, just like the paintings in the Denver airport.  So far, no storyline. 

Bark as driftwood washed upon a concrete beach.

Ornate masonry on a bench leg.  Never noticed it before today.

Even in the country I could find a small slice of urban decay.  Makes me feel right at home.

Ok, so this picture does not show what I intended.  There is no zoom on my cam so I couldn't get the odd, out of place metal box that sits dead center of that empty cornfield.  What is it?  All I know is, if I find a crop circle there tomorrow...





Our art students recently had an end of the year exhibition.  Apart from enjoying a walk through of the various works, a few stood out to me.  The above is a section of one such piece.

I think this young person has the right idea.

This is an older pic, but it is from a night where I was swarmed by tiny, autonomous drones.  Doubtless of alien origin.  And me without my tin foil hat.

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