Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Serpo Exchange

You would be the ultimate "exchange student."

If you had been a member of the supposed "Serpo Exchange," you would not be staying someplace as pedestrian as Denmark or Macedonia.  Oh no.  You'd be headed to Serpo on a bona fide UFO.

A few weeks back, UFO researcher Len Kasten appeared on Coast-to-Coast AM.  He gathered a chronicle of the alleged Serpo program via postings on the site  The postings were from a source named "Anonymous" (of course) who claimed to have once been in the Defense Intelligence Agency.  This poster asserts that our government is in possession of a tome called "THE RED BOOK" (I guess it is in all caps), wherein is detailed the extensive contact officials have had with extraterrestrials.

Apparently, this all goes back to the birth of the modern UFO era, 1947.  That year saw the summer of both Kenneth Arnold and Roswell.   It was also when we established contact with a race of aliens that are colloquially known as the "Ebens."  I'm guessing the name truly stems from the designation EBE or Extraterrestrial Biological Entity.  Which begs the question: why don't we call the Ebens by their own name for their race?  Can human mouths not pronounce it?  But I digress...

Physically, they appear smaller than humans and with larger heads but they are not the same as the Greys.  This statement alone seems to corroborate other UFO encounters that would seem to indicate we are being visited by more than one race.

These Ebens hail from a planet named "Serpo," 39 light-years from Earth in the Zeta Reticuli star system.  In 1965, a team of 12 military officers headed to that planet as a part of a diplomatic exchange program.  As the story goes, they brought 45 tons of supplies along with them.  That was no problem as the Ebens supplied an enormous spacecraft with "100-foot ceilings" for the journey.  In response to questions about the size of their craft, the Ebens remark was said to be something along the lines of "What?  This?  It's just a shuttlecraft."

It took only nine months to reach Serpo.  The Ebens make their journeys via the typical wormhole/anti-gravity combo you hear so much about in UFO lore.  What kind of planet is Serpo?  Well, as Kasten said on C2CAM: "Serpo is said to be about the same size as Earth and have breathable air, yet only has a population of 650,000. Among the strange wildlife on the planet was a snake-like creature with highly developed eyes that looked almost human."

Oh boy is this great.

The team stayed offworld all the way until 1978 and one member remained there until 1988.  Apparently he/she preferred Serpo to Earth and who can blame them?  One of the members of the "away team" as it were died while staying on the planet.  The Ebens supposedly took the remains of the deceased and created a new hybrid being with it.  Something they do with most species they encounter or so they say.  To this day, our government remains in contact with the Ebens through the ultra-classified Project Gleam: a device that sends transmissions to Serpo by a beam moving at high speeds.

Well, what can you say?  It's all taken from an anonymous source.  What about questioning the members of the so-called Serpo Exchange?  Seems like all have died since their return to Earth in 1978.  Not all that unbelievable given their likely ages and God knows what they were exposed to, but it doesn't help in the search for credible evidence to support this story.  Without something tangible to go on, it remains just a story.  Such is the plight of many a UFO case.  

I don't mean to say that it is false.  I merely await more evidence in order to be fully convinced.  In the meantime, enjoy it.  For as I seem to always say in these cases, it's a heckuva story.

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