Friday, August 2, 2013

A real life "Plan 9?"

It is not a "UFO film" exactly.

Instead, it is widely regarded as the worst motion picture ever made.  As Penn Jillette says, it actually improves with each viewing.

I'm talking about Plan 9 from Outer Space.  That classic of cinema from Edward D. Wood, Jr.  Bela Lugosi's swan song to Hollywood.  The story (if one can call it that) entails aliens attempting to assault Earth through the resurrection of the dead.  Now, veteran paranormal researcher Joshua P. Warren alleges that a plot eerily similar to Wood's may be happening in Puerto Rico.

On Coast to Coast AM recently, Warren related stories that bodies have been disappearing from cemeteries in Puerto Rico and that it may be related to UFO activity.  The island has long been associated with numerous UFO sightings.  So much so, that there are ufologists who contend that the occupants of the craft have bases located somewhere on the island or beneath the nearby waters of the Bermuda Triangle.  This is to say nothing of the large U.S. military presence in the protectorate.  Now, it appears something far more sinister than mere UFO sightings is afoot.

Warren reports that over 40 corpses have disappeared from a small graveyard.  The location of this cemetery is also one of intense UFO activity.  One local resident snapped a photo of what he claims is a UFO hovering over his uncle's cattle fields.  Or maybe a smudge in a lens, I'm thinking.  Farmers of the region also claim to have seen alien beings.  Warren adds that he saw an "alien in a jar" at a bar.

Insert joke here about seeing things in bars.

As the story goes, a local farmer told the bar owner that a UFO landed on his property.  The farmer found the body of a dead alien the very next day.  This man placed the body in a jar so that he might transport it to the authorities.  In an attempting to preserve it, he filled the jar with rubbing alcohol.  The alien immediately shriveled.

Here is a link to a photo of the purported "alien in a jar."

That's a little guy, isn't it? 

Oh who knows what to make of this thing.  The story is great but the evidence is next to none.  True, there is a one UFO photograph...however bad it might be...and there is the alleged "alien body."  I am currently sifting through Warren's site to see if the body has been brought in for examination and if it hasn't, why not.  In all fairness regarding the situation, the body is not Warren's property and the owner might not release it for study.

For that matter, how did the alien end up on the farm?  Did his cohorts toss him out of that landed saucer because he was already dead?  Was he on the lam from the rest of the landing party?  It's like a tragic E.T.

And what gives with the disappearing bodies?  If this story is true, then what do the UFO occupants want with long dead humans?

Maybe they've watched Plan 9.

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