Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Google Earth Anomalies

I found this site last night.

It's called Google Earth Anomalies.  The site features a nice collection of satellite photographs from Google Earth that seem to depict structures or markings in the earth that don't add up.  Here is a sampling of these anomalies:

-There is a series of pyramids in Egypt that...at the time of the photographing at any rate...are undiscovered.  Photos from visiting the prospective pyramids seem to raise the question as to if they are natural rock formations or not.  The view from above, however, suggests the possibility of an actual pyramid complex.
By the way, click the "comments" section of that series.  There's a zinging discussion of how academics "debunk" purely to protect their own research.

-There are stone circles across Saudi Arabia and Africa.  The purpose of these structures is still unknown, but they are obviously human-made and bear quite a resemblance to one another.  The date given on the Google Earth Anomaly site for the structures is 8,500-6,500 BCE.  Whether that date is accurate or not, I have no idea.

-Perhaps even more tantalizing is that there are similar structures in Belize, parts of South America, and beneath the Atlantic off the coast of North Carolina.  Same builders?

-Speaking of North Carolina, I'm quite intrigued by the rectilinear shape that appears attached into the sea floor off of that state.  The mark is, according to the site, 17 miles long and two miles wide.  Posters in the comments section suggest its military cables or even fissures caused by seismic shifts.  I found the former probable and the latter laughable given the geometric symmetry of the things.
North Carolina...they obstruct a person's right to vote and they forbid you from feeding the homeless.  Now there are signs of undersea weirdness.  I always knew those guys were a bit shifty.  ;)

Mind you I have not gone through all of the comments on the anomalies.  There could very well have been mundane explanations found for these things by now.  Such as the holes and lines in the Earth are clandestine explorations by greedy jackasses oil corporations searching for more cash energy resources.

I likewise find accounts of what Google Earth has purposefully censored to be interesting.  The Powers That Be have obviously requested this but a few of selections pass understanding, such as Cornell University's heating and cooling plant.  This is especially head-scratching as places like Area 51 and Pine Gap are plainly visible.

So enjoy your meanderings through Google Earth and happy anomaly hunting.

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  1. On Facebook, MelissaPOE said: "LMAO! Love the corrections made about oil companies and let's just go ahead and blame Blackbeard for the under sea weirdness around NC. Come on. He has the word "black" in his name..."

    I think that's as sensible a solution as any. :)