Monday, June 9, 2014

The UFOs of September

Tonight's post is concerned with UFO activity specifically on September 12th, 1952.

A numerologist or astrologer might have fun with the fact that I would be born exactly 19 years after that date.  I've never placed much any credence in astrology, but with my lousy day today, I am somewhat open to this theory of "Mercury in retrograde."  But I digress...

I found out about this UFO convergence from Lesley Gunter on Facebook.  Lesley has been a contributor for UFO Magazine and indeed this story comes from the blog of said publication.  A researcher named Frank Feschino, Jr. asserts that he has determined that on September 12th (my birthday...plug plug) of 1952, an unprecedented level of UFO activity took place over the United States.  In all, Feschino claims to have uncovered some 21 sustained hours of sightings.  These sightings were of objects of varying shapes, including ovals, cigars, tops, and of course the old stand-by, saucers.  It seems that the majority of the reported shapes fall in that latter category.

These sightings stretched across an area from North Carolina to Ohio.  More startling even than the multitude of UFO sightings themselves is the claim that these incidents included both landings and crashes.  Feschino claims that a few of these UFO landings seemed to be making an effort to rescue and recover said crashes.  Granted I don't know what he bases that on, but the blog post did have space for that so I will need to read the full report.

But it gets better.  The date of September 12th, 1952 should be a familiar one if you've read through enough UFO lore and not just because it's my birthday, a fact I have now successfully plugged ad nauseum.  It is, in fact, the date of the Flatwoods Monster incident in West Virginia.  This was a Close Encounter of Third Kind involving several witnesses with an entity best described as...well, click the link and see for yourself.  This encounter occurred in conjunction with a fair amount of UFO activity in the Flatwoods area as Frank Feschino outlines in his book on the subject of the Flatwoods case.

Apparently, if this research is correct, Flatwoods was far from the only location in the Eastern U.S. to be experiencing high strangeness of the UFO variety.  There is, however, another strange and even sadder dimension to this case.

The whole summer of 1952 seems to have been one of intensive UFO activity.  Just over a month before this day of massive sightings, the airspace over Washington D.C. came under veritable siege by UFOs.  The objects were seen over the Capitol Building, tracked on radar, and pursued by Air Force fighter jets.  The Washington D.C. incident still stands as one of the best UFO cases in terms of evidence and in official, on-the-record statements by governmental and military leaders (not to mention a case that bolsters Mac Tonnies' theory that the entities in charge of these craft actually want to be seen.)  In the wake of this, the Air Force made well-known and aggressive pursuits of UFOs.  Really, they were rather eager to bring one of these things down.

On the night of September 12th, 1952, the Air Force sent at least one fighter plane to intercept these UFOs.  It was an F-94 Starfire crewed by 2nd. Lt. John Jones and 2nd. Lt. John DelCurto.  This plane dropped off radar during flight.  Despite search and rescue attempts, neither Jones nor DelCurto were ever found.  To this day, no wreckage of the F-94 has ever been located.

What happened?

This, as I said, adds a tragic aspect to the case.  Regardless of the UFOs, two servicemen lost their lives that night according to the Air Force and no clear explanation has ever been given.  This is not acceptable.  Though skeptics may be strident in their demands for evidence...and that is something I certainly respect...if Feschino's research might somehow lead to answers for the families of these men, then it is worth it.

UFOs or not.

More on this as I read further into the case.  While I'm not prepared to endorse any theories just yet, this is a striking amount...and variety...of UFO activity for one night.

Feschino started by gaining my interest.  He has now churned my imagination.

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