Monday, December 8, 2014

Pyramids and UFOs

It seems that there is always someone attempting to connect UFOs with pyramids.

Whether it's alleging that UFO occupants built the pyramids or just the whole New Age thing, the two items seem to go together like cottage cheese and applesauce.

Or maybe I'm the only one who does that. But I digress...

The concept seems to boil down to a few basics. Pyramids can be found almost all over the world. There are the obvious and most well-known examples in Egypt as well as others in places such as Latin America and most intriguing to me, a few small, oddly-placed ones in the desert of Sudan. "Ancient alien theorists" such as Giorgio Tsoukalos and Tom Durant have alleged that such disparate and separated ancient cultures could not have known what each other was doing and therefore could not have copied off of one another. The AA crowd further argues that ancient peoples had neither the tools nor the know-how to build such structures.

There's a lot wrong with that argument but that's a post in and of itself. The question that does grab me is one that has puzzled me since I was a teen.

For a history project, I built a model of the interior of the Great Pyramid at Giza. Much to my surprise, I found that there are very few chambers inside that pyramid.  In fact, for a burial vault, as the pyramids were ostensibly intended to be, there was a whole lot of wasted space. Is it possible then that the pyramids were more than tombs and funerary art but sort of "multi-purpose facilities" as well? A man named Edward Malkowski thinks so. It is his hypothesis that the pyramids were primarily wave compression generators. They were a network of power stations for electricity. What's more, the pyramids were actually placed by their builders on strategic points throughout the world. These are points along so-called "ley lines," natural flows of electromagnetic energy around the Earth.

What does any of this have to do with UFOs? Well if one were to accept the premise that aliens had a hand in building the pyramids to be generators (and I'm a long way from doing that, mind you), then the generators could be power stations to re-energize UFOs. Proponents for this theory cite numerous UFO sightings in Earth's polar regions, claiming that the alleged aliens are powering their craft via the Earth's electromagnetic poles.

What sightings, you may ask? Well there was a spate of UFO sightings around Deception Island in Antarctica back in July of 1965. Typical stuff. Saucer-shaped craft, hovering, accelerating to incredible speeds. There was Operation Highjump; the massive, naval-based military operation led by Admiral Byrd in 1946. That was a mission to combat escaped Nazis, aliens, inhabitants of the Hollow Earth (there's an entrance to said land in a mountain in Antarctica, says Bill Birnes) or a wacky combination of all of the above.

Most compelling of all polar sightings, to me anyway, is the one involving Japan Airlines Flight 1628 over Alaska in November of 1986. The pilot of this flight reported that his plane was being followed by a massive UFO "twice the size of an aircraft carrier." There is evidence for this sighting in the form of tracking on Air Force radar. According to John Callahan, a former FAA official, the FAA was briefed on the matter. Both recordings of cockpit-to-tower transmissions were heard and videotapes of radar returns were viewed. At the end of the briefing, Callahan testifies that "CIA types" then confiscated all materials related to the case and swore all of the FAA officials to secrecy.

Were the UFOs in these cases, especially the latter case, actually juicing themselves up from the magnetic field? More to the point of the post, is that what the pyramids were for? Truly ardent supporters of this theory will point to pyramid-like structures on Mars in attempts to make further links to "out there."

This is fun to write about, maybe even make a bit of fiction out of, and I will admit that the UFO buff of me is having a sort of Pavlovian reaction to it all, but sadly I just don't see it. The whole "alien" thing gets snipped to shreds by Occam's Razor.

All right that's enough for tonight. Need sleep.

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