Monday, December 29, 2014

UFOs: Do we have a plan against invasion?

Proponents of a UFO cover-up are fond of pointing to a 1987 speech by President Ronald Reagan to the United Nations:

"Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. And yet I ask you, is not an alien threat already among us?"

The "alien threat" he refers to is actually humanity's predilection of making war on itself, but others chose to see this as Reagan hinting towards knowing more about UFOs than he ever admitted. But what of his musings? Would humanity come together in the face of such a threat? The concept of alien invasion has been constant sub-genre of science fiction. It started with H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds and runs all the way up to Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Independence Day, Signs, and who could forget our old friend V? (happy sigh) In nearly each case, humanity unites and fights back. Is that how it would go? All mirth and kumbuya? More than that, is there actually a plan to fight back?

First of all, is there any indication of UFOs being a harbinger of any kind of invasion? Let's look at a few cases involving the military:

-In 1948 in Kapustin Yar of the former Soviet Union, a saucer-shaped UFO appeared before an experimental air force jet. The Soviet aircraft attempted to fire on the UFO. A beam of light shot from the object and simultaneously blinded the plane's pilot and deactivated its avionics. The UFO departed the scene and the plane's systems came back on, allowing the pilot to land safely.

-1952 saw the sightings during Operation Mainbrace.

-At the same time of Mainbrace, an RAF Meteor fighter jet came into land at Topcliffe, North Yorkshire, England. Numerous witnesses saw it pursued by a UFO.

-I have heard reports that a 1961 mass sighting of UFOs at high altitude over Europe nearly triggered a nuclear war, almost purposefully so. Still looking into it.

-Speaking of UFO incidents involving nuclear weapons, there's Rendlesham Forest and a few ICBM base cases as well.

-A former Army Sergeant Major named Richard O. Dean alleged that in 1964, NATO was presented with a document called "The Assessment." It is claimed that said text confirmed the suspicions that UFOs represented visitation by multiple alien species, four of which have been confirmed visually. The sightings and the interactions between the UFOs and military assets have been part of a "carefully orchestrated escalation."

I am often asked that, given all of this, do I think that the U.S. and other militaries have plans for what to do in the event of an alien invasion. My answer is always an unreserved "yes."

I say that not because of any research or inside information as to a UFO conspiracy, rather I say it because it just makes sense. When thinking militarily, you attempt to plan for any conceivable threat. As humans have grown (at least a bit) more spacefaring and more UFOs are sighted, the hypothetical of an alien invasion is one that military planners would at least have to consider. There are books available on the subject, but they seem of flimsy substance. Any real plans are of course classified.

Also, I am willing to bet such plans are rather skimpy. There's just so much that we don't know, so it's difficult to see how any kind of intricate plan could be laid out to repel such an attack. I know, I know, many UFO theorists say it's quite the contrary and that we know exactly who and what we're up against if the time comes. I am not like them. While I'm quite willing to believe that governments know much more about UFO phenomena than they are letting on, however I am suspicious of it involving alien contact. Additionally, the reports bullet-pointed above do not indicate hostility but rather more like curiosity.

I am coming towards suspecting that we are confronting something more ethereal than a sci-fi alien invasion.

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