Wednesday, April 1, 2015

UFO "zones"

As I delve deeper into the matter of Dulce, I grow tangentially curious about what I'm terming "UFO zones."

I'm not talking about locations of major sightings or flaps. These "zones" are locus points where UFO sightings just seem to congregate, allowing for all manner of tall tales and lingering effects to grow up around the areas. It goes without saying that much of the time this is due to all too human reasons, but it's the phenomenon in and of itself that interests me. Allow me to explain through example:

There is the "M Triangle" in Russia. Located 600 miles east of Moscow, the region is said to have played host to luminous objects in the sky and intense military activity on the ground. As quoted at the link, researchers of the region assert they have often heard the sound of speeding traffic going by. The problem with that being that the nearest road to the area is 40 miles away. Others claim that there is something at play dealing with electromagnetism. It is said that this phenomena can induce waves of panic and fear in those visiting the area or even make them smarter than when they arrived. One under-employed man is said to have wandered into the triangle and two weeks later absorbed enough knowledge of aerospace engineering to become a cosmonaut.

The cynic in me just thinks this is a pathetic ploy by Russian tourism to get people to visit in hopes of bolstering their IQ or maybe even obtaining magical cures for their ails. And by blogging about it, I suppose I'm just giving them free advertising. In which case the joke is on me. Damn.

There's the "Zone of Silence" in Mexico. This is a desolate region where for reasons inexplicable, radios don't seem to work. This phenomena first entered public consciousness in 1970 when an Athena missile bizarrely went off course from White Sands Missile Range and crashed into zone. American military personnel who responded noticed that their portable radios no longer functioned. A high degree of electromagnetic interference...yet again...seemed to be at play. As you might imagine, the area has also seen a fair share of UFO activity. A cursory look across the interwebs shows sightings of "massive"craft and even nonhuman entities.

There's the San Luis Valley of Colorado. A quote at that link maintains that UFO sightings in that region go all the way back to the 1600s. Psychics claim the area to be a "vortex," connected to another dimension. This, they say, accounts for the numerous sightings of lights in the night sky, such as a particularly pronounced flap in 1993. Also adding to the area's weirdness factor were the cattle mutilations of 1967 as investigated by Linda Moulton Howe. A few locals have even added a "watchtower" where visitors can keep vigil and await their own UFO sightings. For a small fee, of course. Call it all malarkey if you want, but I'm taking note of how close the region is to Dulce.

Yes, I'm well aware I'm down the rabbit hole on this one. More to come...

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