Monday, November 21, 2011

Dulce, still in Dulce...

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Like I said in a previous post or two, I've been catching up on past shows of Coast-to-Coast AM.  The November 15th program threatened to be a snoozer for me until I heard those captivating words, "Dulce Base."  If you're new to things, I'll give you a quick fill-in.

Outside the town of Dulce, New Mexico is Archuletta Mesa.  Inside that mesa is said to be a massive underground base where our government and our military works in conjunction with several different alien races, performing all manner of heinous experiments on human beings.  Naturally, the area is also a hotbed of UFO activity.  The kicker here is that as the lore goes, the aliens took control of the base in 1979 and U.S. special ops had to go in and retake the facility in a bloody battle.  Many on both sides wound up missing or dead.

Followers of this blog know that for quite a while now, I've been planning to write a book about Dulce.  The book would be a sort of Truman Capote meets Whitley Strieber text.  Half of the book would be my literary nonfiction speculation on what, supposedly, happened inside the base during the battle of Dulce.  The other half would be my personal narrative of visiting the area, talking with people who live there, and interviewing those who have already done extensive research into Dulce Base.  I'm also interested in exploring why...if this ends up being a pure fabrication...things like this get started and perpetuate.

The guest on the episode of Coast-to-Coast that I mentioned was Anthony F. Sanchez.  He is an author who apparently has done a fair amount of looking into the Dulce case, including meeting with the so-called "Colonel X," an anonymous, high-ranking military officer who allegedly came forward about the battle at Dulce.  I have a book by X, whom I believe was credited as "Commander X" at the time.  Or that could be an error, certainly, as the book was riddled with spelling and grammatical errors.  On the episode, however, Sanchez mentioned something that I have not heard before.

He argues that the Greys are not actually aliens but organisms created by a "progenitor race" on Earth 25,000 years ago.  Also, experiments continue unabated to this day at Dulce, experiments conducted on abducted humans.  Additionally, there has been a long stretch of cattle mutilations in that area of New Mexico.  One case, pointed out by the venerable Bill Birnes on both C2C and on his former show, UFO Hunters, involved a the finding a cow's body with a human head upon it.  Birnes got this from Gabe Valdez, a police officer in Dulce who doubts that any alien activity is occurring at Archuletta Mesa but there is obviously something weird going on in New Mexico.

True or untrue, it all just fascinates me.  If it is a pure falsehood, I do not plan to offer salvo to those who support the story in my writing, but rather I wish to find out just how a story like this comes to be.  After all, it's up there with the best of pulp scifi...and it has an outside shot of being real.
And if all that has been alleged about Dulce is true, then it's obviously a big deal.  Big for many reasons, not the least of which is that U.S. servicemen died in battle there.  Their story deserves to be told.

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  1. Visit my pages on Facebook if you want the truth, not the hype. I was Tom Castello's best friend, and I do not post wild stories, just the truth. Sanchez and the fake "colonel" are not worth the effort it takes to read, it is just pure nonsense.
    Cherry Hinkle

  2. I will do that, Cherry. Thanks.
    As I said, I want to consume information from all the sources that I can.

  3. just to let you lot know. i have been studying religions, conspiracys, mythology and dulce underground base for 3 yrs now and as i found a website that led to another website and so on... it then gave me a website that did not have a name except codes which were said to shut down all electronics and the systems around and in dulce underground base. so i started to read them and as i was about to bookmark the page due to there being over 50 codes my laptop turned off even though it was charging and when i turned it back on all my saved work ONLY ON DULCE had all been deleted. so i was both pissed and shocked but all i want to say is that no goverment agency can hide the truth no longer. the truth is out there but its just a matter of getting it... but it will eventually come to us even if it takes another 100 yrs THE TRUTH WILL OUT...

  4. Wow, that's a lot to absorb.
    I truly am dedicated to writing this book. Would I be able to contact you for an interview?


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