Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Once again, the hybrids

So a skull was found in Peru.  
That's not so unusual, especially when researchers are there on a regular basis, studying Inca and pre-Inca civilizations, yet this skull was out of the ordinary.  It has an elongated head and eye cavities far larger than the average human's.  In fact, this news story claims that three separate anthropologists have certified that the remains don't correspond to any known ethnic group and cannot be human, bolstering those who claim that the skull is concrete evidence of aliens interbreeding with humans in the distant past.  This is not unlike the claim of the "starchild" skull found in Mexico.
While I'm thinking that the skull is more attributable to the ritual of "skull flattening" practiced by many aboriginal peoples of the Americas, this hasn't stopped the notion of "alien-human hybrids" from being a popular one among the paranormal set.   It's true that alien abductees often report having reproductive cells removed from their bodies and are later shown children having both human and alien features.  One woman asserted that when shown the alien-human baby, she just knew that it was hers.  When she reached out to hold it, an alien took the child away as a voice spoke inside the woman's head, "No, this child is ours."  Others have said that they were shown videos of people in every day life doing every day things.  As the footage rolled, the aliens asked their captives, "can you spot us?"  Sort of a "Where's Waldo?" only with alien-human hybrids.  Towards whatever ends, be they nefarious, benign, or indifferent, the aliens seem to want to crossbreed with us.  In fact, there are those who argue that the human race itself is the end result of human-alien interbreeding and genetic tinkering.

Other abductees have even claimed to have seen human-looking beings working alongside the Greys.  This is not entirely out of step with reports as there have been several reports, most of them pre Barney and Betty Hill, of people encountering aliens who were tall, blonde, almost perfect in appearance.  These beings have been nicknamed "The Nordics" for obvious reasons.  Are these the same beings?  I suppose that depends if all these people are really being abducted in the first place.

One interesting point about the hybrids is that until actual alien DNA is disclosed to the public, we cannot really say one way or the other about it.  Oh we can have doubts as I certainly do, but alien-human hybrids truly could be among us and we would be none the wiser.  One of you reading this might even be a hybrid.

To take the first step in determining if you might be one, I have found this quiz.  My score was measly and disappointing "3."  Which according to the scoring guide means "basic earthiness."  Maybe your results will be more interesting.  Go on.  Be brave.  Try it.

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