Friday, November 4, 2011

Aliens in the Amazon? Short answer: No.

Oh for a decent quality alien photo.
That's right.  More "found footage" has reared its hoaxy rear, attempting to claim the accidental capturing of a real-life alien on video.  Supposedly, two British tourists were recording local children of the Mamaus region of the Amazon in Brazil.  In the dense green foliage of the background, a blue light appears.  Without warning, a Grey alien is seen moving in the trees.  It arches its back and then the video cuts out.  Wow.  Good thing those tourists just happened to be there at that exact time, trying to take a few innocent minutes of footage of the local youth.  Talk about right place at the right time.  Yet how unfortunate for us, the Fortean enthusiasts, for the alien is deep in the background and as usual, we are unable to get a clear look at it.  Yet it is there, in just enough prehensible clarity to be recognized as the popular conception of an extraterrestrial.  You can take a look at the video for yourself at Unexplained Mysteries.

Of course there the obligatory claims of "intense UFO activity" in the region at the time but that really does nothing in the way of verification.  The Huffington Post did an accurate analysis of the video.  They went to Marc Dantonio, the chief photo and video analysis expert for the Mutual UFO Network.  And before the skeptics pounce (even though he's on their side on this one), Dantonio does not just work for MUFON.  He has contracts with the military as well.  Dantonio said this of the Amazon "alien" in the above-linked Huffington Post article:

"...the alien head appears to be distinctly separate and possibly at a different focal plane than the body -- the body appears closer than the head.
"When the wind blows, the head bobs and that indicates something passive. In other words, from the way it bobs, the connection point looks like it could be coincident with the top of the 'body location.' But something's not quite right in the way the head bobs."
That same Huffington Post link also takes a look at the alleged "pyramid UFO" video taken over a Chinese nuclear reactor.  Yep.  It's readily recognizable as a CG hoax and Dantonio points that out quite quickly.

I've said before and I'll say it again.  If a clear, authentic UFO video or photo were placed in front of me, I might not realize it for I have been so conditioned to reject these things as fakes from the onset.  That's simply due to the sheer number of hoaxes perpetrated on the UFO community, especially as SFX technology has advanced an even become accessible in the average household.  Would I know the real thing if I saw it?  Or would I think it just another hoax?  I will admit that I don't know. 

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