Thursday, November 10, 2011

Project CORE

An ambitious project is underway called Project CORE.  

Here's a bit more about it from their website

"Project Core is a long-term study of paranormal accounts submitted voluntarily and anonymously by the interested public. Our goals are as follows: 

1. To identify shared elements between every type of paranormal encounter submitted, if such elements exist. 
2. To identify common traits between the experiencers themselves, if any exist. 
3. To compare and contrast genuine experiences with imagined ones. For this, we present an option for people who have never had any sort of paranormal experience to write a fictitious account of what they think it would be like to, for example, encounter Bigfoot, live in a haunted house, have a near death experience, or be abducted by aliens." 
This is truly a unique study being undertaken for at least two reasons that I can think of.  First off, this is one of the few, maybe even the only, studies that attempts to cross-correlate any similarities, psychological or otherwise, between people who have supposedly experienced any form of paranormal phenomenon.  Not just ghosts or UFOs, but cryptids, psi experiences, the whole spectrum.  Also, I find immediate interest in the fact that the researchers are actively accepting fictitious accounts...not weeding them out.  This may perhaps yield significant data.  Are paranormal memes ingrained in us by mass media?  Are they a part of the collective subconscious or panosophy?  What differentiates a fictitious report from a "genuine" one?

I hope that you will participate, even if it is to submit a ludicrously false claim.  My submission will either be one of my few mild experiences or the yarn I'm tempted to create.  Either way, the research project should help to advance the field of study and wish the project team success.

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