Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hodge Podge November

Random notes from life...
I've crossed the threshold of the midway point for my NaNoWriMo book, Hell's Coming With Me.  Right now I'm concerned that I have a few chapters of what James N. Frey (How To Write a Damn Good Thriller) calls, "the muddle in the middle," not that I adhere to that guy's advice much.  I felt I needed to establish the characters more.  Thankfully, more men with guns have shown up and the pace has accelerated.  That's the advice of Raymond Chandler, by the way.

Speaking of books, I went to Barnes & Noble today.  I need more books like I need a corporate job but I still like to browse.  Once I have the either the Kindle or the Nook I can store books until memory gives out but for now space is at a premium.  Anyway, I had a few interesting finds at the bookstore.  

One was Silverthorn by Raymond E. Feist.  I don't read much fantasy but the description for this book caught my interest.  In a land of magic, a princess has been struck by a poison bolt.  Her prince sets off with a D&D-like adventure party consisting of a bard, a thief, and a fighter to find a cure in the realm of Dark Elves.  It's apparently Book 3 in the "Riftwar Saga."  That's one reason that I don't read fantasy books: they typically sprawl into multiple volumes.
Also found a copy of Robert Heinlen's Farnham's Freehold.  The cover calls it "the most controversial science fiction novel ever written."  Many books make this claim but knowing Heinlen, he'd have been the one to actually do it.  This goes on the list.

Then there's a manga series with the delightful title, Bloody Monday.  Flipped through it a bit and it looked exactly like the kind of pulp I'm trying to accomplish with my book.  It's on the list as well.

What would we do without coffee?  I tried to think about that this morning but I hadn't had enough coffee yet.  Does coffee precede existence or does existence necessitate coffee?  Talk about an infinite loop of the bean.

With Asia Carrera retired and settling into married life (again), I'd say she's pretty much off the market for me.  Who am I kidding?  It's not like she was ever really on for me.  Anyway, I've found a new adult film starlet who while not a member of Mensa has many geeky qualities.  Her name is April O'Neil (that link is NSFW).  Yes she took her screen name from the character on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  She's also an enormous Doctor Who fan and attended San Diego Comic Con in cosplay.  Also doesn't hurt that she's drop dead gorgeous.

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