Tuesday, September 1, 2015

UFOs and anti-gravity

Pic from the website of Paul E. Potter.

I am continuing my speculation on the ETH (ExtraTerrestrial Hypothesis) as an answer for UFO phenomena.

If you recall my initial entry in this exercise, I played "what if" as to the types of metal a UFO might be made of in order to travel through space (by the by, I keep using "what if" and "speculation" because I'm not a big fan of the ETH, but I must admit I'm enjoying the intellectual exercise.) A blog reader contacted me to say that the metal wouldn't matter if the craft could project a sort of "force field" around itself, shielding it from the harshness of the void. This may well-nigh be related to the propulsion system of this theoretical craft. The leading contender for said engine has been anti-gravity.

At least that's what Bob Lazar alleges, describing the confiscated UFO he worked on at Area 51. He's not the only one. Ben Rich is said to have made assertions along similar lines. Rich was the director of Lockheed's famous Skunk Works, a secret sector of the corporation that has developed just about every ultra-sophisticated aircraft in the US arsenal for the past 50 years. Rumors have circulated along with quotes attributed to him, quotes that intimate the government has alien technology in its possession, that anti-gravity drives allow for (comparatively) expedient travel to the stars, and it all is driven by ESP. While that latter point is intriguing, I'm going to stick with the anti-gravity/force field theme.

Anti-gravity is indeed one of the most viable explanations for UFO propulsion. That is if observational data is anything to go on. Numerous cases involve accounts of UFOs hovering, zigging and zagging with extreme agility, and then streaking out of sight with little or no "ramp up" of acceleration...and all of it done in utter silence. Just one of many examples of cases featuring these flight characteristics is Rendlesham Forest. The principle witnesses of that incident claimed to have witnessed a great deal of aerial acrobatics...among other things.

One aspect of anti-gravity drive would be the field it generates around the hypothetical craft. It might be that such a field could be extended to act as a protective shield or "bubble"around the UFO. Are there any cases that might indicate this? Well, I came across one involving a train hauling coal in a remote part of Kentucky. On January 14th, 2002, this train hauled 16,000 tons of coal and freight until it came upon a cluster of lights hovering over the tracks. As the train drew closer, the crew saw that the lights were affixed to silvery, metallic craft that were windowless and roughly disk-shaped. The train attempted to stop but lost power. Emergency braking kicked in, but not soon enough. The lead engine of the train struck one of the objects. This shaved a piece off the engine, knocked the object back into the second engine and then the first two cars, until ultimately ascending into the sky and darting off with the other UFOs, apparently unscathed.

The train crew were ordered to limp this badly damaged train to the rail yard in Paintsville, Kentucky. At that point, they were ordered from the train and questioned by unnamed authorities (Men In Black?)

This alleged incident contains a few possible clues towards anti-gravity. First, the power systems on the train failed. This is a common theme in UFO sightings. Electronic devices, meaning everything from car batteries to cameras, have been said to fail in the presence of these unknown craft. It may be the nature of an anti-gravity drive to suck the power from nearby sources or perhaps more accurately, the field generated by the drives interferes with electronic devices, causing the failures. Additionally, a massive train was damaged while the UFO it collided with flew off none the worse for the wear (or so it appears). Was the craft shielded? This may account for how these craft are said to move effortlessly from air to beneath the sea without leaving a wake or hole on the water's surface (see USOs).

So is it anti-gravity? If it is and our government does indeed have UFOs in its possession, it's a no-brainer that they'd be interested in adapting these drives toward their own ends. Clean, silent, extraordinarily powerful propulsion...oh what you could do with that. In fact, the allegations continue that with or without alien technology, secret, "black" projects are underway to make anti-gravity a reality. That might even account for strange occurrences such as the multiple-witness crash in Needles, California of 2008. Of course such an engine would have to be kept in select hands. Can't very well have something threatening the oil companies, now can we?

Like I said. Speculation.

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