Wednesday, November 25, 2015

UFO from the basement

If you are anything like me, and I know I am, the basement scares you.

I don't mean that in any kind of eerie sense, but simply for the pure fact that it has become the family dumping ground. Don't know where we'll keep that? The answer is invariably the same: "Put it in the basement." As of now, the sheer volume of cardboard boxes, packing crates, and plastic bags stuffed full of who knows what truly terrifies me. What's in there? What do we do when we have to move? Wow, that's getting close to the furnace.

It all sort of looks like that warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. 

And after sifting through a bit of that old junk today, I found this:

I bought it back in 1994 at a Starlog store (anybody remember those?) My best friend, Armando was with me when I got it. The two of us where on a rather big UFO kick at the time (subject of a future post.) It was exciting! After all, Testor models somewhat accurately predicted the stealth fighter. Now here they were purporting that there was a UFO in military possession at Area 51. Most of these claims came based on testimony from Bob Lazar.

That's what the instructions say, anyway.

They come with a reprint of part of Lazar's infamous interview, wherein he explains various aspects of the UFO. As example, he describes the two modes of flight made possible by the cyndrilical gravity amplifiers. "Omicron" allows for travel in the short range and near a source of gravity. "Delta" configuration is used for traveling the vacuous depths of interstellar space. He also reiterates the claim that the "Greys" originate from the Zeta Reticuli star system.

So today I found the model again and actually started working on it. First here's what the insides of the box look like:

Wow. Not sure if my model-building skills are up to snuff enough to tackle this. But just look at that blue decal.

It's the "alien language" I've blogged about before.

Naturally, I started work on the EBEs first. Also started on one of the warp core cylinders or whatever they are.

Obviously my painting skills leave something to be desired. That or I need finer brushes to really make it work.

Well try to forgive me. In return I'll keep posting updates.

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