Thursday, November 12, 2015

UFO interiors

I am continuing my examination of the ExtraTerrestrial Hypothesis (ETH) as explanation for UFO phenomena. As I've said before, it's more of a mental exercise than anything.

If the source of UFO activity is indeed "space people," then one point of immediate curiosity would be "what does the inside of an alien spacecraft look like?" At this time, the majority of the descriptions available come from alleged alien abductees.

One such case has come to be known as "The Allagash Abductions." What makes this case unique is that it is not simply one person taken in the middle of the night from their bedroom or what have you, but four men camping together in Maine. During the night, they observed a strange light in the sky over a lake. As the light drew nearer, they noticed that it was a structured craft. A high-powered beam of light came from the UFO and later under hypnosis, the men claimed that they were each taken inside the craft. They described the interior as sterile, white-walled, functional, and not unlike a medical examination room.

Then there is the now legendary incident of Barney and Betty Hill. "The interrupted journey." Their case was one of the first to really popularize the mythos and saporific tropes of an alien abduction. On a lonely road in New Hampshire, the Hills encountered a saucer-shaped UFO and were then brought aboard the craft by beings that were more or less the standard Grey archetype. Naturally, their were tests. One of the distinctive aspects of this case is that Betty Hill asserted that she was shown a book in an alien language. She was also shown star maps as the aliens attempted to convey to her where they were from. The map pointed to the double star system of Zeta Reticuli, thus cementing in pop culture that stretch of the universe as the home of the Greys. Why wouldn't an alien craft come with a library and maps?

 Let us not forget Travis Walton. As I've said many times before, his story is one that departs quite a bit from the abduction template. He was able to get loose from his Grey abductors and then wander about the inside of the UFO. Walton reports that he came across multiple rooms within the craft. One of the more dramatic and expansive ones had a domed ceiling and empty space, save for one control chair in the center. In fact, he described the chamber as having the setup of a planetarium. Naturally curious, he played with the controls on the chair and the walls and ceiling seemed to disappear, revealing a wide viewport of stars. Was this the navigational station for the craft? It would stand to reason that such a feature would be necessary. Walton also claimed to have entered a cavernous "hangar" that held smaller, disc-shaped UFOs. He likened this to what you might find on a human aircraft carrier. If so, this would lend credence to the popular notions of an alien "mothership" that waits in space. The "flying saucers" that people report are merely scout craft.

Glimpses into the interior of these purported craft are not limited solely to abductees. There have been a few sightings of UFOs, such as the one in Turkey, where the witnesses claim they could see windows on the sides of the craft, allowing them to see into a brightly-lit interior and even see the silhouettes of occupants (yeah, I know. That link has Roger Leir. Sorry.)

 I know that I wanted to examine all of this by presuming that aliens are the cause, yet in doing so, I find myself falling even more on the side of Jacques Vallee. In his studies, Vallee has looked at nigh innumerable UFO cases that stretch back to the beginning of recorded history. In each sighting and each encounter, the "aliens" are possessed of fantastic technology and ability, but it is not so far removed as to be unrecognizable. For example, the descriptions offered by Barney and Betty Hill and Travis Walton are extraordinary, but thanks to science fiction, they are not beyond our understanding. Our minds have certain "expectations" when it comes to what the inside of an alien spaceship should be like.

Maybe that should tell us something.

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