Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Alien abductions: just another black op?

There are many aspects of UFO phenomena that fascinate me.

For example, there is the notion of crashed and retrieved UFOs as well as the bodies of their occupants.  Apparently, these ever-so-sophisticated craft have dropped like flies and we've picked up the pieces.

Another aspect of the mythos, namely alien abductions, has not attracted as much attention from me.  Maybe it's because many cases can be easily explained through mundane means.  Maybe it's because the evidence is weak.  Or maybe it's because the whole concept just scares the hell out of me.

Then along comes Nick Redfern with an alternative explanation...one that might be even more unsettling than alien abduction itself.  That notion being that the phenomena is orchestrated and executed by our governments.

Redfern opens his proposal with an account of peace protestors in the 1980s demonstrating against the deployment of US nuclear cruise missiles in Britain.  The protestors, mostly women according the the accounts cited, began to experience intense depression, anxiety, and migraines.  In time, few wished to continue the demonstrations.  Talk began to circulate that the US and Britain had a sort of electromagnetic projector that could cause such symptoms in people.

It is true that electromagnetic waves can have the exact sort of effects on the brain as described by the activists.  Might it be that such technology is involved in perpetrating the abduction meme?  Say what you want to about UFOs, but it's really a foregone conclusion that the United States government has been active in proliferating disinformation on the subject for many years.  Note, this does not mean they are concealing aliens as the effort may be undertaken towards other secretive ends.  Could abduction be a similar smokescreen?

If you are familiar with UFOs, you are likely acquainted with the abduction template.  You've seen it in the case of Betty and Barney Hill or read about in Budd Hokins' Missing Time or Whitley Streiber's Communion.  Less well-known are abduction cases where the alleged abductee reveals under hypnosis that their experience had nothing to do with aliens.

Redfern discusses one such case, a woman named "Allison." Allison claimed to have been abducted on five different occasions.  Each time began with her pets acting distressed and ended with her groggy and collapsed in a different part of the house than where she had been.  And of course, there was missing time.  There would be other incidents as well, including strange power failures, an odd humming noise outside the house, and rooms being bathed with light.  Allison recalls that while semi-conscious during one of the abductions, she would see small figures scurrying about her house.  These beings would bring her outside into a hovering craft where they would perform and nasal and gynecological exam.

On her fifth abduction, however, the pattern altered considerably.  As the aliens brought her back into her house, the humming noise stopped.  Suddenly, the "aliens" stopped looking like greys and turned into very human men in black combat fatigues.  These men appeared shocked by the sudden transformation and one reached out with his hand as if to tell Allison, "stay there." The military men then slowly backed out of the house.  Though still disoriented, Allison made her way to the window where she did not see a UFO but a sophisticated black helicopter with powerful lights.

Allison now believes that her abductions have had nothing to do with UFOs.  Instead, she asserts that she has been an unwilling participant in a US military experiment.  Could this be?  I maintain that it must be considered.  As mentioned previously, EMP waves can have disorienting effects on the human brain, including paranoia and the sensation that small people are lurking around behind you.  Other aspects of the abduction scenario could be duplicated with hypnosis and drugs.  If this is so, then I ask you what is the more frightening: aliens abducting you or your own government?  I think Nick Redfern is correct in that this is a possibility that needs further examination.

However, if this theory should proven correct, this does not mean that all abduction claims have no alien or otherworldly origins to them. If not alien, they may stem from darker, more nefarious forces that lurk in human consciousness.

And that's what scares me.

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