Friday, February 15, 2013

Free Form Friday

Apples and oranges.

That's what they say we're supposed to be.  If nothing else for the sake of our own mental health.  "Don't compare yourself to other people.   You'll just drive yourself nuts.  Besides, you don't know what life they lead."

Guess there's a bit of truth in that as Edward Arlington Robinson points out, same goes for Simon and Garfunkel.
All those jealous statements made in the silence of one's head or worse aloud.  Those words go straight into the devil called negative karma.  And the check is coming due.

"What see'st thou else
In the dark backward and abysm of time?" --Prospero, Shakespeare's The Tempest.

Indeed.  Look into the abyss and it looks back into you.

But it's all up to us, right?  We're the only ones who can do it.  So do it by hook or by crook.

Get some balm on the ache, willya?
There's an elite few of us who choose books to that end.

"I, thus neglecting worldly ends, all dedicated
To closeness, and the bettering of my mind." --Prospero, Shakespeare's The Tempest (again).

Many others try love.  That's what yesterday was all about, right?  Yes, Sister Yesterday.

Alas, poor Ian.  I knew him well.  Or did anyone really?
No one beats him for the void, not even Mozz.

What happens when the ointment meant to soothe burns?  Because it can.  Just like the scorpion who stung the frog as they crossed the river, it does it because it can.
Or more likely we let it.  We're left alone in the void with the balm.

And maybe we learn that the balm in Gilead is only ourselves.

Not that it will make any difference.

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