Tuesday, March 1, 2016

UFO Disclosure: an essay

I am once more responding to a prompt from a friend in the Facebook group, UFO Updates.

He asked what we thought about Disclosure. I spelled that with a capital "D," yes. It is meant to arguably signify the moment when or the act of our government publicly admitting that UFOs are real and that the Earth is in contact with, at least on one level or another, one or more intelligent extraterrestrial species.

And The Powers That Be have been covering it up for a while now.

Thoughts on this vary widely. I've heard assertions that President Obama was going to be "the Disclosure President" who tells all and who knows, maybe he still will. He's got a little under a year left. Others say there will one day be a sighting so big that the UFO cover-up will no long be possible and Disclosure will happen by necessity. Others say it will never happen, that it's a paradigm simply too big to shift. Others still say that Disclosure will never come to pass because there is in fact nothing to disclose, meaning there was never any cover-up in the first place (the "ultimate skeptic" position).

When Danny (my friend) asked the question in UFO Updates, I felt close to it by way of Dulce. For the past year and a half I have been researching and conducting interviews for a book on the story of a secret complex sits inside Archuleta Mesa in Dulce, New Mexico. This complex is claimed to be run jointly by shadowy offices of our government...and aliens. Hideous experiments are said to be carried out on live humans in this base. At one point, operatives of U.S. special forces supposedly undertook an operation to retake the base and put an end to the experiments. This resulted in a brutal firefight with the aliens.

If you're expecting a "space people true believer" book from me on Dulce, don't hold your breath. There's not much there but I do find fascinating the different machinations that by either accident or design brought about the legend of "Dulce." Part of this is the fact that our government does indeed have secret installations such as Area 51 and Raven Rock. Not to be outdone, Australia has the Pine Gap complex, jointly run between the U.S. and Australian governments. They may not be secret in the hidden sense. Many of us know where the bases are and can drive you to their peripheries. What exactly goes on inside these locations is known only to a select few. Secrecy breeds speculation and speculation can grow more distorted with time.

Of course governments have secret locations. Governments also cover things up for good reasons and not-so-good reasons. Many might think that cover-ups are recent inventions of the post-Watergate era. Naturally, that isn't so. If want to talk about early accusations of "the government is covering up something fantastic," look to the Kincaid Expedition. In short, this conspiracy theory states that artifacts from a lost Egyptian colony (and maybe lizard people) were found inside the Grand Canyon. The Smithsonian, so the story goes, covered the whole thing up. I do not speak to the veracity of this tale (or lack thereof), rather I bring it up as a pre-Roswell example of "they know, they don't want us to know, and they're covering it up" story.

As one delves into the nature of secrecy and black projects, it's not at all difficult to see why so many believe the government is sitting on an undisclosed truth about UFOs. This is especially true when the secrecy of places like Area 51 and Pine Gap is due to the fact that experimental aircraft are being tested. I have devoured so much material on the subject of a UFO cover-up and at one point long ago, I believed almost all of it. Meaning: "The government knows we are being visited by aliens. They don't want us to know because we'd die of shock or panic. They don't want us to know because all our modern technology is the result of the reverse engineering of recovered alien craft (and just how else do you think we got the microwave?) More insidiously, they don't want us to know because they've brokered a deal with the aliens: human experiment subjects in exchange for high technology. That's why Disclosure is unlikely to happen."

Want an even more "out there" view on Disclosure? I came across one while reading Cryptoterrestrials by Mac Tonnies. On page 69, he cites Whitley Strieber. "If UFOs are attempting to breach our universe, our ingrained sense of disbelief might be preventing them in an arcane sense. Strieber has argued that official denial of the phenomenon is designed to thwart a potential invasion of nonhuman intelligence, in which case it seems an enduring stalemate has been reached."

So...the less we believe in these entities, the less power we give them? I'm sure there's a Santa Claus joke in there somewhere but it remains a fascinating concept.

Whether any of the above is truly the case I cannot say, but I know that it doesn't interest me that much anymore. Don't get me wrong. I would be thrilled beyond belief if something definitive could be issued where we would know once and for all that aliens from other planets are here. That would be utterly amazing. Maybe a bit scary too, but amazing nonetheless. You see, however, I've been meditating on another possibility. I'm not trying to be a rabble-rouser and I by no means assert that this is the correct theory, but I am captivated by the notion. It is a concept at once intriguing and more unsettling to me.

What if Disclosure never happens because there is nothing to disclose?

Meaning, government officials are as perplexed about what's happening as anyone else and have nothing new to add. They know that there is a phenomenon...a "visitation"...occurring, but who is doing it and why they are doing it is a complete mystery. What's more, even if The Powers That Be did know what these things are, they are powerless to do anything about it. There can be very little Disclosure if there is no real information to give.

So ask yourself what would sound worse: a government admitting that it has been lying due to shadowy, clandestine deals with aliens or lying because they did not want to look both inept and impotent, unable to protect us from these things even if they tried?

Disquieting? Sure. Foreboding? Oh you bet. Yet the idea of high-up government officials shrugging their shoulders and saying, "UFOs? Yeah, I gotta be honest. We don't know what the hell they are," somehow gives me a perverse joy. Even with gazillions of tax dollars and scientific resources, the answers elude even them.

That's just it. What if...just what if...the big secret is "nobody knows anything"?

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