Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The UFO of Freiburg

It goes without saying that secret locations and UFO accounts are natural bedfellows.

As I slog away with Dulce research, that fact has never been more evident to me. Sometimes UFO lore grows up around a locale due to massive amounts of secrecy. Area 51 for example. Anything hidden from sight invites conjecture. Sometimes, as a few of my interviews have theorized about Dulce, the stories might be generated simply because a place is remote and isolated. Anyway, the connections, however mythical, fascinate me. In my research, I came across an alleged site that I didn't know much about before.

I still don't, but I'm going to continue.

It's called the Freiburg Tunnel. It's in the Black Forest region of Germany and it is said to have once housed a downed UFO.

Yes, I know that linked site is not exactly reputable. It's not like you're going to find stuff like this in the New Yorker, you know.

The basic claim is that a saucer crashed in the Black Forest region in 1936. The Nazis recovered it and stashed it inside the Freiburg Tunnel. They then allegedly became the first humans to work on reverse-engineering an alien craft. This accounts for all of the tremendous advancements of German science during World War II. What's more, the Thule and Vril societies were involved, attracting the saucer to the region through "psychic channeling." The UFO's power source was something called "Black Sun." It's "an infinite beam of light which – though invisible to the human eye – exists in anti-matter." The Vril were said to worship this power source.

It sounds crazy but as these things tend to go, there are kernels of truth to them. There were indeed secret underground installations in Nazi Germany. They housed research and development labs as well as weaponry. That just stands to reason. If you want your valuable assets to survive Allied bombing, bury them deep. Preferably somewhere like the Black Forest. The Nazis also actually did experiment with saucer-shaped aircraft. That much is known. These aircraft might have even had advanced or exotic propulsion plants, perhaps leading to the "foo fighter" sightings (no, not the band.)

But you'll have to pardon me if I'm quite skeptical about the rest of it. Much of it suffers from the same weaknesses as the ancient aliens allegations. "There were all of these scientific and technological advancements. They must have had help from somewhere else." Right. Because German scientists and engineers just weren't smart enough to come up with these things on their own.

This alleged account is also predicated upon yet another UFO crash. I've seen so many accounts of such things that I can't even begin to keep track of them all. Why do they seem to just keep dropping out of the sky? Regardless, the idea of a Nazi-acquired UFO stored in an underground bunker is just fun to play with. After all, who doesn't like Nazi flying saucers?

By the way, if the UFO was recovered, what did the Nazis do with the occupants?

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