Monday, January 5, 2015

Secret underground places

As I mentioned in my New Year's Resolutions/Predictions, 2015 is when I vigorously pursue researching and writing my UFO book about the Dulce Wars.

In case you've missed my previous posts on Dulce or have somehow not encountered it amongst other UFO literature, here's a (very) brief primer. It has been alleged that there is a top secret facility located underground near the town of Dulce, New Mexico. This base is under joint control by the United States military and aliens. In 1977, it is said that the aliens took control of the base and that US special forces went in to retake it. A firefight ensued and there were several casualties.

Although there has been a marked rallentando in the rate occurrences over recent years, the area of Dulce is no stranger to UFO sightings and cattle mutilations. In my research, however, I've found that the entire region, I'm talking New Mexico, Arizona, and the southern edge of Colorado, has been a hotbed of high strangeness going all the way back to the time of indigenous peoples. Tribes such as the Apache, the Zuni, and the Hopi all seem to have stories of visitors from the stars and strange creatures such as Ant Men who came to them from inside the Earth.

One of the most interesting stories from the region is that of the Kincaid Expedition. In 1909, a man named G.E. Kincaid is alleged to have, while in the employ of the Smithsonian Institute, made an extraordinary find in the Grand Canyon of Arizona. He is said to have located a veritable underground city with numerous artifacts that appeared Egyptian in nature. This is, as you'll find at the link above, including several mummies in alcoves. The Smithsonian did not share Kincaid's enthusiasm and had the underground area dynamited shut. To this day, the location of the find remains off limits to the public. This did not prevent articles about the find from being published in The Phoenix Gazette. What does this have to do with UFOs? Not much perhaps, but there are Hollow Earth believers and the like who suspect that what Kincaid found was an entryway to an underground civilization. Plus, it's just more tales of underground weirdness from the area.

Speaking of underground, Dulce and Area 51 are not the only secret locations with conspiracy lore attached to them (I suppose secret places by nature invite such things.) Nick Redfern details many of these in his book, Keep Out! One of these locations that I find especially interesting is that of Pine Gap near Alice Springs, Australia. I had first heard of this facility deep in the Australian outback as a listening post for the NSA to cover Asia and the Middle East as well as to act as a communication relay point for clandestine satellites. Others, however, assert that it is a base for the reverse engineering of recovered UFO technology. An intense spate of sightings of "white discs" in the area during 1991 have helped to reinforce this notion. Stories abound that are similar to that of Dulce, claiming that the base actually stretches a full five miles underground with aliens living and working there also.

Americans aren't even the first to get in on the "underground alien base" action, either. There are those who claim that a UFO crashed inside Nazi Germany in 1936. The recovered wreckage was taken to a number of underground facilities where it was reversed engineered to give the Germans a technological edge. While there were tremendous leaps in advancement with weapons systems such as the V2, I believe that all can more logically be attributed to human ingenuity, even if it were for nefarious purposes (come to think of it, that tends to be what often motivates us the most.) No UFOs required. Still, there remains a vast network of tunnels beneath Germany. Many of them date back to ancient times but others in Freiburg and also in Austria were built by the Nazis for weapons development. Or was it for something more?

This is all quite tantalizing and the UFO connection makes it all the more so. However, as I read and research more deeply into the matter, the UFO angle tends to deteriorate. As I said, there are several classified locations in the U.S. and around the world, such as Area 51 and many others that we in the mere hoi polloi no nothing about. This is due to how governments gather intelligence and develop weapons systems. The truth about these locations is simultaneously duller and more intriguing than anything having to do with UFOs.

But I'm saving more on that for the book.

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