Monday, January 9, 2017

Chase Danner 4: A Princess of Zaslone

No, there are no Orion slave girls in this story. Just a transparent stand-in. If you own this pic, let me know.

The renegades CHASE and PLEX, marooned on the prehistoric planet Zaslone, were taken prisoner by the lizard people, the Trindando. R'kaxath, Lord of the Trindando, is intrigued with these visitors from the stars. He has them confined to a stateroom in the stronghold...where Chase meets the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.

"That's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen," Chase declared in a soft, breathy gasp.

The woman reclining on the couch slinked upward onto her elbow and fixed her ebony eyes on Chase.

"Why thank you," she said in a sonorous voice, like it was channeled through a musical instrument.

Chase stammered, scratched his head, shuffled his feet, and looked around the room.

"You didn't think you were speaking out loud, did you?" Plex asked.

"And thank you for underscoring the embarrassment," Chase told him.

Dark black hair fell over the goddess' green skin. And what skin there was. All of it was on display, every delicate curve save for her modesty shielded by what looked like padded plate armor.

"Neither of you are from around here, are you?" she asked. "How did you run afoul of R'kaxath?"

"All we did was show up here," Chase said. "We picked quite a planet to crash on."

"In all fairness sir, we didn't exactly pick it," Plex said.

The sultry woman looked the pair over once more. 

"I am Adelia," she said. "Princess of the Ukeo. R'kaxath is holding me here as leverage against my father, King Corloss."

Chase might have caught her name but he wasn't sure. All he knew was he could not stop drinking in her voluptuous, green body. That is until she cleared her throat and shrugged her beauteous shoulders as if to ask "Well??"

"Oh I'm Chase Danner," Chase said at last. "This is Plex. We're fugitives, my lady. Fugitives from The Allegiant."

"I don't know what an Allegiant is, but what do you say we get out of here, Chase Danner?" Adelia asked.

Chase began removing his red tunic.

"Darlin' I thought you'd never ask," he said.

"I meant escape from this city," Adelia said, verbally tossing cold water onto Chase's pulsing groin.


"Now that there're three of us, our odds are better," Adelia said.

Moments later, a Trindando guard entered the stateroom to deliver the three a midday meal. He got a roundhouse kick from Chase instead. The guard fell to the floor, his tray of victuals spilled all about his torso and face. Chase kicked him in the head to render him unconscious and then purloined the lizard man's sword. Just in time as more Trindando troops arrived to investigate the clatter and commotion.

"We have company," Chase called out to his companions old and new.

"Hold them," Adelia responded. "We need but a few moments more."

Plex and Adelia worked to connect curtains to a tablecloth and any other linen in the stateroom in order to form a single line. At the same time, swords clashed with clangs and strikes as Chase fought the Trindando. Chase's athletic prowess allowed him to hold his own against the greater strength of the reptoids until with a mighty swing he disarmed both of his enemies of their own blades...leaving them open for the kill. 

"Go," Chase bellowed to them, holding them at the point of his sword. "Before I abandon my compunctions."

Growling and snarling, the Trindando turned and bounded back down the stairs. Chase went to Plex and the newly met princess who at last completed the ropey cloth line.

"They're going to be back soon. With friends," Chase told them.

"Then we must we do this fast," Adelia said.


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