Tuesday, January 3, 2017

When police see UFOs

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This really will be a UFO post, so bear with me.

I used to be a volunteer for a police department. During that service, I came to see that sometimes stereotypes exist because there are kernels of truth to them. Police officers do indeed tend to be purely logical and factual, almost to a fault. And while many are amiable and quick with a joke, they often have a low saturation point for nonsense.

Which is all the more reason why I find UFO sightings relayed by cops to be worthy of attention. In recent days, I have read over a few cases that involved police officers. Links are at the end of the post.

-Of immediate interest is of course the case of Lonnie Zamora of Socorro, New Mexico. While in pursuit of a speeder in 1964, state trooper Zamora spotted a silver, egg-shaped craft on tripod legs. What's more, Zamora reports seeing child-sized people outside the craft. Upon seeing Zamora in his patrol car, these small occupants got back into the craft and took off with a roar and tongues of flame. The case was investigated by the military, the FBI, and Dr. J. Allen Hynek. Tremendous physical evidence was collected including tripod marks in the ground, burnt desert scrub, and soil fused into glass. The case has never been satisfactorily explained and Zamora's testimony remains among the best.

-In January of 2000, several residents in my home state of Illinois sighted an enormous triangular UFO. One witness, viewing the object from the side, described it as looking like a "flying building." At least four of these witnesses were police officers from different downstate communities. They pursued the UFO, keeping in contact with one another via radio, thus producing record of the whole encounter. The silent craft was, as is typical of triangle sightings, witnessed performing extraordinary aerial maneuvers. Again, this sighting has never been fully explained, although as with other triangle cases, I suspect it's a classified military aircraft. The area of the sighting is between two Air Force bases.

-Then there is what has come to be known as "The Cosford UFO Incident." I was fully unaware of it until perusing Nick Pope's website. He in fact was one of the investigators on the U.K. case. Anyway, over a series of days in 1993, multiple witnesses reported sightings of yet another triangular UFO over an RAF base. The witnesses, including several military police, described seeing a craft resembling "two Concordes flying side-by-side and joined together." What's interesting is that according to the MoD report quoted at Pope's site, it was admitted that "an unidentified aircraft of unknown origin" penetrated secure airspace.

Fascinating stuff...and all of it reported by professional, trained observers. This is not to say that police can't be mistaken about what they see. They can. That being said, these accounts should decimate the prevailing opinion that seems to state that UFOs are only seen by the half-witted.

Now I need to watch that police chase scene from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.




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