Saturday, July 24, 2010

Synesthesia: Sharing the Senses

Came across this essay at Factoidz tonight.  They offered a transfer to other blogs so that the discussion around synesthesia could continue across multiple sites.  So I took them up on it.  Here is the snippet:

Everyone has heard of the word anesthesia; it literally means without sensation. Synesthesia means joined or shared sensation. Some people are blessed with synesthesia. Synesthesia isn’t really a disorder; it’s more like a quirk of physiology.
Imagine seeing a beautiful mountain setting when you look out your kitchen window, and imagine besides seeing the view with your eyes, you also saw it with your sense of taste. Imagine tasting blueberries every time you look at that view. Imagine when you taste a chocolate cake you see pink and silver stripes. Some folks can actually experie... From: Synesthesia: Sharing the Senses

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