Saturday, July 3, 2010

When the Weird Gets Real

Sorry for the missed day.  I came home early from work and collapsed straight to sleep.  As a result, my circadian rhythms are now completely off.  I awoke this morning, slopped together a bowl of cereal, then headed out on my drive with a stop for a latte on the way.  So I am now in the town of my birth.
Don't get any ideas.  There are still two people at my house along with a pair of vicious attack dogs.  Seriously.  Check with the county.  Chewie is on legal record of having bit someone.  Your funeral.

Anyway, my sleep cycle is completely screwy and as I mentioned in a previous post, it's causing me to have more than a few bizarre dreams.  Here is my most recent one:
I was in Germany towards the end of World War II.  I can't say for certain, but I got the impression that the Allies hadn't crossed the border...yet.  However, the landscape was a bleak canvas of gray, burned-out husks of houses, shops, and office buildings.  Teutonic statues were on the ground in pieces, molding over with green due to the rain and overcast skies.  My biggest concern?  That I just realized I still had my friend Ahab's PT Cruiser.  I was late and I needed to get it back to him so that he could go to work in the morning and that I could get my car from his place and do the same.
There are many bizarre aspects to that dream, not the least of which is that Ahab sold that PT Cruiser years ago.  What caused all of that to enter my mind?  What matter lodged in my subconscious ticked away like a torpedo on time-delay until it burst onto the scene in this way?  A bit troubling if you ask me.

Then there's my cell phone.  In the past two days, I have gotten four calls that simply come up as "Unknown" on the display.  Naturally, I reject them.  But they never leave messages.  This has never happened to me in my 7 plus years of cell phone ownership.  What gives?  Has Strange Horizons gotten me on a list?  Is the government tracking me, perhaps by use of satellite?  While MIBs show up at my parents house?

Or is just telemarketing?  Yeah.  Thought so. 
Going to try to get sleep now.
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  1. There are days I still wish I had that car.


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