I have recently had cause to sift through my paperback books. 

And there’re a lot of ‘em.  As I might have mentioned before, they were spilling from my shelves and falling into stacks on the floor, each one much like an individual stone in a medieval castle wall.  Frequenting used book stores will have that effect on your house.  But I digress…

Among the pile of unread books is Odyssey by Jack McDevitt.  McDevitt is an author who came highly recommended to me so when I saw one of his books going for $1 I couldn’t resist.  Of course I would have to later find out that Odyssey is but one installment in a series but that is par for the course with me. 
In researching McDevitt as an author, I felt a certain kinship to him.  He said that after studying literature, he read David Copperfield and decided that he could never write at that level and therefore should find something else to do.  He went on to hold a series of varying jobs and a full twenty-five years elapsed before he ever wrote again.  By American standards, he might be considered a late bloomer.  Therefore, his success is something that I can take heart in.  There may still be hope!
Odyssey itself is a science fiction tale about the immorality of big business and the shortsightedness of America when it comes to space travel.  I like it already.  It also entails UFOs still being seen as humanity moves out into space and attacks by extraterrestrials that might or might not be false flag operations conducted by our own species.  Yet there are still aliens out there and they have left their artifacts throughout our solar system.  That is a concept that I am fascinated by, as I’m sure many of you have picked up on from previous posts.
So I look forward to reading McDevitt’s work and I’ll post a full review once having done so.  Whenever that is.