Monday, July 25, 2011

The microterrestrials are here!

When I come to the end of a semi-trying day, nothing recharges my batteries more than a really goof-ass UFO story.  The one I am about to relate to you certainly did not disappoint.
This article gives the harrowing account of what the people of the island nation of Malaysia have experienced: sightings of microterrestrials.  Or at least that's what the author of the piece calls them.
As the name implies, "microtrerrestrial" accounts describe humanoid beings that range between three and six inches in height.  They generally have larger-than-proportional heads and rounded eyes.  Eyewitnesses describe them as being dressed in flashy tunics and carrying "ray guns."  A few accounts even state that the tiny alien-like beings had two structures protruding from their heads much as antennae would.  In almost every case, sightings of these beings were also accompanied by miniature flying saucers that measured an estimated three feet in diameter.  It was at this point in reading the narrative that I started squealing like Flounder from Animal House: "Oh boy is this GREAT!"

The first report of these beings took place in 1969 when four students in a schoolyard told their teacher that they just saw a tiny, silver UFO land on the playground.  In utter shock, the kids watched as five, six-inch tall aliens in red uniforms emerged from the craft.  As they noticed the crowd of sweaty, short pants-wearing kids growing around them, the visitors popped back into their spacecraft and soon vanished.
That incident kicked off quite a UFO wave in Malaysia.  Ahmad Jamaludin, a local investigator who published his report of these occurrences in the November 1979 issue of MUFON UFO Journal, came to a startling conclusion about these cases.  He asserts that alien "humanoid encounters [in Malaysia] have been confined to only one type--tiny entities measuring three to six inches in height."  What is more, "...there has not been a single case of a UFO measuring greater than 3 feet in diameter landing on Malaysian soil."  This makes Malaysia utterly unique in all the world in terms of UFO sightings.
Oh, but it gets weirder.  As the sightings and encounters continued, they occurred almost exclusively in schoolyards.  One incident entailed a creature cutting through a school's wire fence with "an intense beam of light."  In a couple cases, the kids attempted to capture one of the little "spacemen."  This prompted the supposed aliens to draw their "laser guns" and fire off a few beams. One boy was said to have a tiny burn mark on his leg from where a beam hit him.  All the more reason that kids should not be allowed to wear short pants to school.  But I digress...
Another tiny UFO landed at a Royal Malaysian Air Force base sometime in 1975 or 1976 (don't you love how exact all the details are?)  A nine year-old schoolboy on the base later came across a three-inch humanoid creature.  This tiny being thwarted any attempts at capture and the kid ended up going to tell his teacher about it (tattle-tale).  When the teacher went looking through the undergrowth near the school, "There was no sign of the creature in the area, but I saw a Red Indian-like wigwam beautifully weaved out of grass."  (Man!  This is awesome!)
Yet another case involved three school kids and two adults in 1979.  The witnesses spotted a tiny UFO hovering.  Its gear was extended, so the observers speculated that it was about to land.  When they attempted to touch the craft's metal hull, it fired an intense beam of light that temporarily blinded them.  This allowed for the UFO to escape.  Given the size of the UFO, any occupants that might have been inside it could have been no larger than three inches tall.

While this reads like pulp SF and has entertained me immensely, we still must ask, "where is the evidence?"  Names and dates are hazy in the reports.  That, according to investigator Jamaludin, is due to the difficulty he had in tracking down the primary sources for interviews.  What physical evidence is there?  Admittedly, there were one or two circular burn marks where the small UFOs were said to have landed and there was the one kid with the burn on his leg, but those are all far from contributing to an ironclad case.  And why the heck are these tiny creatures so fascinated with school kids?
In the absence of solid evidence, these stories are explainable through a variety of means: child imagination, rumor and urban legend, group psychology, light from Venus refracted through swamp gas.  Okay, maybe not that last one but you get the idea.  
This is not to say that these events didn't happen.  I think it highly unlikely that they did but I certainly don't know everything.  So maybe we're looking for all the wrong things.  It's not massive motherships that we may find hovering over our largest cities one day, it might instead be fleets of tiny UFOs swarming about, their crews the handsel of invasion, avenging indignities thrust upon their scouts by Malaysian school children.  
Microterrestrials.  Heh! Awesome.

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  1. All of the Old and New Testaments of the Judeo-Christian Bible is luciferian thought. Here we see grand imagery meant to shock and awe the population. The purpose of the UFO phenomenon is to cause well-intentioned people to believe the ridiculous. Many people will concede that, yes, ultimately everything we see is an illusion. Yet these same people give credence to the idea that UFO’s are an advanced civilization from another planet, who have come to earth, interbred with humanity, & formed a hybrid reptilian race that now runs the planet. This belief is the result of intense subliminal suggestion over decades of mass media manipulation. Having achieved this belief within this illusory body of humanity, many well intentioned communicators are now spanning the globe, and have made a business out of perpetuating this ALIEN ASPECT of the luciferian agenda. This particular part of the luciferian agenda creates an incredible distraction, and assists in establishing the 3D illusory cataclysm that the luciferian group egregore hope to bring to pass.

    ALIEN = A LION = AL-ION = the Electrified ION

    There’s no such thing as time and space. Our own 3 dimensional bodies are not real. Why then, this insistent belief that there are alien life forms who have existed for millions of years? The answer, quite simply, is to, once and for all, convince us that the 3 dimensional reality of TIME and SPACE is a valid concept. It is difficult to break free of the hypnotic state that keeps us believing everything we see is real. We have our 5 senses to convince us everything is real because we can feel, taste, touch, hear and see it.

    When we consider our galaxy so vast that it takes hundreds and thousands of light years for distant starlight to reach us, it is very hard to believe that space is an illusion. UFO’s and their little pilots are a manifestation of deception. Yes, they do exist in this 3 dimensional experience, but they are not what they tell us they are – which is life from other planets. To believe that, then you must believe space is real, and therefore, time is real.

    So how do we know these are luciferian egregore conjured up thought forms? Simply because all 3 dimensional illusory forms are manifest as a result of the egregore group of Thinking Entities exercise the combining of shape/sound and colour. This is the work of the luciferian Mindset. The universe and everything in it is created by this luciferian Mind, the Mind that said “LET THERE BE LIGHT”. This includes the UFO/GREY phenomena.

    Believing that the UFO events are orchestrated by a life form, on a far away planet, in some distant galaxy, may be fine. Except for one thing. This perpetuates the myth that poses a real danger to grasping Reality. If these are just alien life forms from another planet who present themselves as the greys and reptilian bloodlines then perhaps there’s a chance they’re not cruelly seeking our enslavement and submission to their agenda. In other words, maybe they’ll play nice. However, this is not the case. These are much more dangerous than a lifeform from another planet. These entities are creatures straight from the Mind of the luciferian light bearing group of Thinkers. The only desire of this egregore Mind is to destroy many of us, (under the pretext of the Judgment of God cleansing the earth), and to enslave the rest of us within the Trance state, which forms this 3 dimensional life experience. This is nothing more than the establishment of the New World Order, the Kingdom of God on Earth, and the New Age of Enlightenment. It should be noted that the new age movement is a strong promoter of the alien life from other planets concept.

  2. New Age – Science / Seance – Intellectualism – Religious Entities

    The new age movement is a religion, just as science (seance) is a religion. The religious writings of the Old Testament describing something akin to a UFO in Ezekiel, and the new age thinkers also speaking of this UFO phenomenon as fact, as do the new world order folks who couch their UFO belief in new world order rhetoric such as the all seeing eye symbolism, demonstrates one common bond linking these supposedly diverse luciferian group Thought Processes.

    I will say this Jon, your post certainly made me smile and chuckle at this one. Too funny how people see these things. I can't help but imagine these tiny creature causing all this chaos with bright lights and tiny laser beams. Sounds like the tiny TRANSFORMERS being converted from a cell phone. If you ask me, all you would have to do is hit the damn thing with a stick or stepping on it would most likely deal with the problem. :) LOL

    One other thing to note. Why is it that we can get lots clear videos of freak accidents by thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people around the world? People see bizarre things and with technology now often capture the event(s) on cameras, video cameras, phones, etc... we see car crashs, accidents, airplanes, strange creatures (but no Bigfoot),etc.. you name it and some has it on film...but we never really see a clear untouched non-faked picture/video of ALIENS taken but a regular human being other than crack-pot or whatever the Government Officals show us. Why not? Are these little buggers or Aliens in general that much smarter than us to stay hidden all this time except to talk to our leaders? Why do they hide in parts of the world where there is less chance of having a cell phone in there pocket, so as to avoid being on camera? Hmmm...sounds fishy to me.

    Take care my friend. DS888

  3. "Transformers." Heh! I like that.
    And I always like your unique take on things, Dark Star! Take care.