Sunday, July 24, 2011

Chemtrails: it's a conspiracy, y'know

My God.  What hath The X-Files backspun?
I need to make it clear: that was a joke, ok?  Need to get that across before I start getting comments telling me, "The first chemtrails were spotted in 1963!  Decades before X-Files, you dumbass!" or something like that.

I've developed a modest, passing interest in the notion of chemtrails.  Interest, not belief.  The idea goes that at least a few of the trails left behind by jet aircraft are really chemical or biological agents sprayed at high altitudes and allowed to drift down into our lungs.  For what purpose?  That's unknown.  Could be anything really.  Population control, weather control, or perhaps even psychological or somatic control by an as yet unknown shadow government bent on a New World Order.  One of the more interesting theories that I have read posits that the skies are being seeded with metals such as aluminum and silicon in order to facilitate greater manipulation of the weather by the HAARP installation in Alaska.
What's the difference between a chemtrail and a regular contrail?  According to believers, it all comes down to persistence.  If a contrail remains stationary in the sky for more than half a day, it's a chemtrail.  
Certain citizens of the United States, Britain, and Canada have petitioned their respective governments, demanding to know what is going on in their skies.  The response from entities political, scientific, and military have been pretty standard: it's a hoax, it's explainable, there's no evidence to support the existence of chemtrails.  Proponents of chemtrails point to samples that have been collected of both soil and water after purported chemtrails have come to ground.  Analysis, they assert, demonstrates higher than normal levels of barium.  Opponents refute this claim, stating that the levels, while high, are still within normal range and people are really just seeing regular plane contrails.  And back and forth and so on.

Sound familiar?  It should.  While I am far from prepared to support the existence of chemtrails, I will acknowledge that the notion is no "crazier" than the UFO conspiracy.  After all, if our government would conceal alien life from us, what else would "They" do?  One interesting bit I learned is that Rep. Dennis Kucinich once introduced a bill to Congress that proposed a ban on weapons testing in space or in the atmosphere.  It specifically mentioned chemtrails.  The Pentagon expressed vehement opposition and the bill died in committee. Curious.
Like I said, not ready to buy into chemtrails just yet.  But as I see plane contrails crisscross the sky above my house, located in one of the most heavily congested stretches of airspace in America, I'll always wonder.

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  1. Hi Jon,

    Actually, these Chemtrails are very real and meant to seed the atmophere. Jet engine contrails are simply the result of water vapour-trails from the jet exhaust condensing in to water from hitting the cold air. Just like the exhaust from your car in cold weather. Note your tail pipe puts out small amounts of white smoke, which is water vapour and you see water dripping as well. Now these mini vapour-trails from our cars disapate in seconds. Jet contrails/vapour trails will only last for a fews minutes if that. Chemtrails don't disapate at all! Infact they spread for hours and grow into clouds. Why? Several reasosn but you most likely will just think its only a theory!

    HAARP is only part of it. And yes there are DANGEROUS deadly chemicals in the ChemTRAILS!

    The people behind these hideous schemes, are also behind the H.A.A.R.P. experiments. (High Activity Auroral Research Program – Patent #4686685 License to Control and Alter the Atmosphere). The purpose of this patent is to control Life by controlling the Climate. HAARP also holds a patent to use large amounts of Barium in the atmosphere. When sunlight hits this concentration, electron density increases dramatically. This can then be manipulated to perform the same function as a HEATH TYPE NUCLEAR DEVICE WITHOUT A DETONATION. A Heath Weapon can lift the magnetic field of the earth itself without the expenditure of massive amounts of energy. Communication and Radar interference or enhancement as well as the ability to TOTALLY CONTROL THE WEATHER are the ambitions of the HAARP agenda.

    Those hideous clouds of poison which are being distributed throughout the whole world, causes every eye to indeed see them. These chemtrails are passed into the atmosphere by commercial jet liners and military jets under the guise of being simple jet exhaust vapour trails. THEY ARE NOT! What you have are a host of cancers, sedatives, vaccines, heavy metals, molds, fungi,…etc. These poisonous agents are meant to sedate us, or make us sick or dead. The elite of the world have been inspired to enter into this manipulation of the environment, for the purpose of creating anxiety and stress, to manipulate the already deeply entranced, who will, in turn, manipulate the whole body of humanity on behalf of their luciferian agenda.

    Here are a couple of links to posts. Unfortunately I noticed that some of the vids are no longer available. Take care Jon.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Dark Star. As always, very informative.

  3. On Facebook, Clay T said: "'d never heard this before. And, it makes me like Dennis Kucinich more than I already did..."