Monday, September 26, 2011

The American Book of the Dead

I managed to come across a book that I intend to read and a blog that I will continue to read.

The author’s name is Henry Baum and he wrote a novel (and published it on his own!) called, The American Book of the Dead.  It’s about a writer (I like where this is going already) who is working on a post-apocalyptic novel.  During this process, he discovers that his daughter is doing online porn and his marriage is coming apart at the seams.  He faces not only personal holocaust but a global one as well as characters he dreams about turn out to be real people.  Could therefore his fictional apocalyptic scenario be a real one?  Could he be the only one who can stop it from coming to pass?
The book’s ad copy describes the novel as having elements of Robert Anton Wilson, Philip K. Dick, UFOs, World War III scenarios, and secret societies involving a childish, Christian fundamentalist president.  Now I ask you, gentle reader, just how could I say no to that?  Sounds like it makes The Day After Tomorrow look like chump play…not that it’s a mean feat to do so, but you get what I’m saying.

Baum has a blog on his website as well, a site likewise entitled American Book of the Dead.  I like the cut of his blogging jib.  Mainly because he covers many of the same subjects that I dwell on: the path of insanity and suicide offered by the political right, our deteriorating environment, and the lunacy of religious fundamentalism.  A prime example of the latter is this sapid chestnut from Baum: “The party of God says that God makes things happen – so if you’re poor and get cancer, you must deserve it.”  Preach it, brother.

I know that I harp a great deal on here about The Singularity and transhumanism.  But I really need to check myself.  Writings from authors like Baum remind me that we might not even live long enough for The Singularity to happen. 

I sure wish post-apocalyptic fiction could remain fiction.

You can get The American Book of the Dead at Amazon.

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