Friday, September 30, 2011

Roswell, UFOs, and Marilyn Monroe

What follows is my summation of and reflections on yet another well done piece of writing and research by Nick Redfern.  It is by far one of the most bizarre allegations that I have read of in regard to UFOs.  
And there are a lot of horses in that derby.

Back in 1995, a writer named Milo Speriglio became inadvertently involved with Ufology.  Speriglio, now passed on, had chosen Marilyn Monroe as his votary and wrote a trilogy of books on arguably the most famous actress who ever lived.  He had also come into ownership of an unauthenticated document that alleged that John F. Kennedy had pillow-talked to Marilyn about a UFO crash at Roswell.  Vicki Ecker, then editor of UFO Magazine, summed the whole thing up this way:

"...the document suggests that on the day she died, Monroe was going to hold her own press conference, where she was planning to spill the beans about, amongst other things, JFK’s secret knowledge of UFOs and dead aliens.”

Well the document does mention Project Moon Dust, which was an actual clandestine program run by the U.S. government to acquire crashed Soviet technology such as satellites.  It goes on to say that Kennedy confided to Marilyn that he had been to a "secret airbase" where objects from outer space were being studied.  Among the study subjects were "crashed spacecraft" and "dead bodies."    Interestingly enough, as Redfern points out, nowhere in the document are these items listed as "alien."  They have only been inferred as such by certain UFO investigators.

You have to admit, it's a great story.  One of the largest icons in pop culture history has an affair with one of America's most charismatic presidents.  During the proceedings of the tryst, he tells the actress about the UFO conspiracy.  Then said president, actress, and even the president's brother, all die through violence and mysterious circumstances.  A movie waiting to happen if it hasn't been produced already.
Unfortunately, it is in the end unsubstantiated as so many other allegations in UFO research are.  But it is not altogether far removed from the realm of believability.  If you believe as I happen to, that world governments know far more about UFOs than they are letting on, then the disclosure of such information or any other classified data to someone without proper security clearance is tantamount to treason.  The intelligence community would have good reason to become suspicious of such a president.  Maybe even enough to have him killed.  As I said, it's pure speculation.

Oddly enough, the two people who could set the record straight on the matter are long since dead.

Seems to me she lived her life like a candle in the wind.

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