Sunday, January 22, 2012


Maybe it's just the beer talkin', but this is all too much fun.

I've been playing with this webpage called TypoGenerator.  It's function is fairly simple and straightforward as described in the site's FAQ:

"Enter text, is searched for that text. Then an image is generated randomly from the found images and the entered text."

A "typo poster" is an image composed of text and background images, not necessarily readable however.  The fact that they are randomly generated adds to the chance of illegibility.  Don't let that stop you.  You're guaranteed to lose a few hours of your life just experimenting with the program.

Look at that image above.  It's like a purple mushroom cloud is rising out of my name against an apocalyptic sky.  Then there's this one:

Kind of 1970s, spacey throwback.  Guess it's a hipster logo.

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